[PODCAST] #387: Larken Rose – Metacognition vs. Indoctrination


If the way you see things is not consistent with the way things really are, would you want to know about it?

Author and activist Larken Rose returns after three years to discuss his new project: a 3D self-teaching tool that invites the user to take a tour of their own brains and their own belief systems.

-What is the Mirror?
-Why is it being created?
-How did you prepare in terms of experience and research?
-What's your understanding of educational psychology?
-Problem being addressed: Acceptance of authoritarianism
-The practical approach, the logical approach doesn't work with people
-HOW TO DEPROGRAM THEM? Ask them questions; The stakes are lower in this setting; no judgment or shame of being wrong
-Psychological benefit - people are not rushed, they can actually pay attention to their own thought process
-Groundhog Day effect - because of the psychological pressures of that situation, they essentially submit, but after that they retreat to their comfort zone

metacognition https://teal.ed.gov/tealguide/metacognitive
Metacognition refers to awareness of one’s own knowledge—what one does and doesn’t know—and one’s ability to understand, control, and manipulate one’s cognitive processes


Person variables: What are my strengths and weaknesses in learning and processing information.

Task variables: Understanding the nature of the intellectual task at hand and what's required to succeed—for example, knowledge that time sensitivity affects clarity of thought

Strategy variables: The strategies a person has “at the ready” to apply in a flexible way to successfully accomplish a task; for example, knowing how to activate prior knowledge before reading a technical article, using a glossary to look up unfamiliar words, or recognizing that sometimes one has to reread a paragraph several times before it makes sense. No helpful strategies for dealing with discomfort

Look Closer:
Larken Rose's Site - http://www.larkenrose.com/

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