[PODCAST] #383: If You Don’t Know What It Is…Don’t Eat It (With Kevin Geary and Nick Hazelton)


This is an episode about supermarket mastery - the wheres, whats, whys and hows of affordable, real-food grocery shopping. Kevin Geary and I join Nick Hazelton for another life skills episode of his Anarch-Yakitalist Podcast. As we discussed in episode #378, Nick left school this September to pursue self-education. Part of his self-designed curriculum focuses on independent living, which includes learning how to plan and execute a health-conscious trip to the grocery store, without paying the f$$$ing ridiculous Whole Foods prices.

-controlling costs
-alternatives to the supermarket
-Kevin's beginners guide to healthy grocery shopping
-our grocery lists
-how to read the nutrition panel, what to look for
-developing a positive and shame-free mindset about food - the "bank account philosophy"

Bumper Music:
"She Don't Use Jelly" The Flaming Lips
"Ice Cream Man" Van Halen

Look Closer:
Kevin's Site: RebootedBody.com - http://www.rebootedbody.com
Kevin's One-Page Complete Guide To Real Food - http://rebootedbody.com/rfg/
Healthy Mind, Fit Body - http://healthymindfitbody.com/
Bulletproof Diet Infographic - http://www.bulletproofexec.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Bulletproof-Diet-Infographic-Vector.pdf

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  1. Hi Brett,
    I am from Australia and just want to clarify a few important things. Beef and Lamb in Australia is raised on pasture, but almost always finished in a feed lot on grain. Unless specifically described as “Grass-Finished” or “Pasture Finished” even if its organic it will not have the ideal fat profile people are looking for. Sheep are very often fed grain their whole lives as a supplemental feed in Australia. It is illegal in New Zealand to feed grain to sheep and cattle so all of their meat and dairy is good. Just for reference for y’all up there New Zealand and Australia are not the same country ;).
    Also a notable food missing from all of your lists was garlic. Garlic is by far the most medicinal (legal) vegetable/herb on the planet. Its health properties are increased by chopping or crushing it and letting it sit and oxidise for anywhere from 15 mins to two hours. When preparing a meal its best to prep the garlic first. Cheers

  2. I have to disagree about what was said concerning “real food” and how we should eat mostly real food instead of processed crap. I’m fine what that, but I disagree with the rule for how to tell what’s real food (good food). I forget who said it but they said if it was alive, it’s real food.What about horrible factory farm raised chickens? What about GMO corn? What about GMO soy? Those were alive, but I’m definitely NOT going to put those into my body.

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