[PODCAST] #379b: Jeffrey Tucker – Spheres of Control (LibertyFest NYC)


Recorded at Liberty Fest 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Jeffrey Tucker sits down with me to discuss the following topics:

-How I started the Iraq War?
-the increasing tone of Fascism in political discourse
-why pay attention to politics?
-cancel the Presidential election
-no one is coming to save us
-the feeling of smallness in political action
-Cyrpto-currency is the true way forward
-youth empowerment through voluntary exchange

Look Closer:
Liberty.me - http://www.liberty.me
Jeffrey's Site - http://www.jeffreytucker.me

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  1. Hey Brett.
    I really enjoyed the interview with Jeffrey Tucker. I wanted to make a comment that I was hoping one of you were going to make regarding the influence of the Ron Paul campaigns.
    I discovered Ron in December, 2008 (after voting for McCain at the age of 18). I read ‘The Fountainhead’ earlier in 2007 and was an ardent individualist, yet never applied this philosophy to politics. I self-identified as a libertarian by the time I graduated high school in 2009. I was an anarchist by 2012. I might never have discovered Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe, etc. (or Jeff Tucker or SSP) without first being exposed to libertarianism through the political arena, which I was already interested in. I have a feeling that my story is far from unique. Politics, when used the way Ron did (not the way Rand has), can be a great tool for exposing enormous numbers of people to radical ideas. Dare I suggest that the Free State Project, the SSP, and the growing ancap community/movement would not be what it is today if Ron had never run for President. Liberty.me probably wouldn’t have sufficient demand to even exist. Like Zappa said, politics is the entertainment division of the State. Ron used that attention to teach. I was hoping you or Jeff would recognize that Ron Paul has indirectly made more anarchists than anyone in history. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work!

  2. Didn’t think I’d like this episode as much as I have… I laughed tremendously during the hope balloon. Pffffftbtbtffffftbtbtffffffffftbtbtbtbtbfftbtbtbtbtbtffffffff That is the sound of your hopes and dreams deflating.

    Speaking of white horse… Did you hear about the Mormons and the white horse prophecy?

    Also, I really liked the idea of using crypto to get around child labor laws, I’d never thought about that and wished I had that opportunity and a little more self motivation/permission to attempt that kind of a endeavor. When my wife and I can afford a child we’ll definitely raise them with those ideas in mind, provided everything doesn’t go pear shaped by then of course.

  3. “So predictable and sad…”

    This is pretty accurate as to what goes through my mind when I see your name followed by a comment.

  4. Hi Brett,

    Love the latest show with Jeffrey Tucker. Was wondering about the bitcoin bumper music (rap). Can you steer me in the right direction to find/buy?


  5. because of course, two independent autodidact minds can’t come up with similar conclusions, like Newton and Leibniz, or Darwin and Wallace… C’mon Ben, you can do better.

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