[PODCAST] #376: The Shift – A Casual Conversation With Julia Tourianski (1 of 2)


Juila Tourianski, creator of Brave the World, joins School Sucks for the first time. Julia's online hub is a YouTube channel with very impressive production values and some extremely confronting content. Born in the USSR and raised in Canada, Julia offers several new and unique approaches to discussing the philosophy of liberty.

Her video, "The Shift: The State of Our Minds and the Mind of the State" provides a springboard for our pleasantly meandering conversation. Please watch the video before the show if you can:

Topics and Tangents:
-video production
-explanation "Brave the World"
-Orwell and Huxley
-Born in the USSR
-rebelling in polite Canadian society
-What is the shift that is happening?
-Safety and Fairness - Society's Top Values?
-Extended Families and living with your parents
-Happiness is not a starting point
-What is success?
-Distraction and docility
-Consequences of avoiding the emotion of anger
-Outrage Outlets
-The happiness cult
-The insult of equality
-Self-esteem is more than new-age surrender

Bumper Music:
"21st Century Kid" Jamie Cullum

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  1. So, while I generally agree with the stance that we shouldn’t tell kids they are gifted in areas where they are not, I am left to wonder what Julia believes the structures of society should be like, especially in regard to the treatment of people who are disabled, unintelligent, or otherwise unable to efficiently or effectively provide for the wants, desires, or needs of the market?

    I guess I am curious about this because the argument from conservatives about “There is no 11th place winner” often gets applied quite harshly as an attack against welfare and other forms of aid to the poor to the tune of “You don’t deserve a job that pays you a living wage.” which in turn has the potential to translate to a very social Darwinian position of ‘let those jobless good for nothing, unproductive people, starve to death’. Overall, I really hope that this isn’t the attitude Julia is going for.

    Anyway, willing to start a discussion, complete with cursing, fallacies, and bad reasoning, just so you can feel all “holier than thou” : P

  2. Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not “Every man for himself.” The London Underground is not a political movement. Orwell was never a communist. Those are all mistakes, Julia. I looked them up.

  3. Dear Brett,

    I’ve been a fan of your process for years. You are in the top 3 podcasts I suggest to everyone. And have been an on and off subscriber over that same time period. I have thoroughly enjoyed all podcasts, even the after hour sessions.

    But, today, my breath was taken away….I wasn’t able to listen to more than 10 minutes before I started to gag.

    I’ll start with the most benign issue. Happiness. Okay, you must know this subject has been tackled by not one but many psychologists…and your guest was rather silly in her knowledge of this subject…and yes you were too.

    How about check out the work/podcasts Shinkwrap Radio, by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (Professor of Clinical Psychology) #272 – The Happiness Trap with Russ Harris, 2011.

    This is just one example, there are many other titles, one being: The Happiness Myth: The Historical Antidote to What Isn’t Working Today, 2008….and on and on…please stop acting like this is a subject not considered! You two have not done your homework.

    And it wasn’t, my breath that is the problem, it’s because my diaphragm was contracting, because Happiness was all I didn’t need.

    It was because I had to listen to an immigrant suggest that Canada and it’s citizens, and it’s history was just “so”. Must I reiterate her uniformed, uneducated, and unrealized opinion?

    Young Country! I’m an 11th generation Irish on one side, and a 20th to the ++ degree, French/Indian Canadian…yeah that’s just a hundred years or so. Right?! Dumb Russian – who can’t stop dressing like the 80’s are forever! And descend from a despotic lineage. Hmmm, lets consider: Tzars, communists – every aspect of any culture or religion expunged for generations. But, gee, they move to Canada? What was wrong with Russia? But, they get here and laugh at our stupidity, as though theirs wasn’t worthy of the Guinness book records?

    Consider this…would you listen to a new immigrant explain the history of struggle in the US of A?! Would you have them explain to you the enlightenment, law, fairness, courtesy, kindness, rationality..and hey, what about the idea of a fair market?! Yeah, we know the Russians are experts on all of the above, and should be the first folk we consult on all subjects of morality.

    So, I’d like to know where in Canada this women makes her home?! In but fuck Saskatchewan? Because I’ve never experienced the Canadian culture she suggests is Canada wide. To educate those that don’t know, Canada is quite different from coast to coast, and there is NO “canada” per say besides the basic european/christian ideologies of hard work, truthfulness, kindness, and yes courtesies. The latter develops in a country where most of its citizens have at least a college degree, and a certain IQ. Oh, she might not know, we are one of the few countries in the world whom can claim a percentage above any average for literacy – that’d be 95%. But, not just that – an elfin college degree. And yes, the more educated you are, the more conforming you are…but, she didn’t define this as the reason. She doesn’t understand why and just offers an ignorant quip. Have you read “disciplined minds?”

    Who, is this person?!

    Oh, and we’re PC, won’t have a conversation about important subjects…and while I’m at it don’t have any political issues that warrant deep concern? Who is this person?

    In just that past 50 years Quebec has attempted to succeed from the Nation, twice? That doesn’t warrant a civic panic? Oh, and I guess she doesn’t even know that the OLDEST university, besides that in BOSTON, is in Quebec, and both are the oldest in NA? That’d be 400 years my dear! NOOOOO, we’re a young Country. She doesn’t know about our current political prisoners, doesn’t know about our native wars, doesn’t know about the recent patriot act imposed? She doesn’t know about Upper and Lower Canada…she doesn’t know about our wars to maintain our boarders from American energy wars? Okay, maybe she might no this…that we’re not allowed to create our own media?! Oh, no…because your country threatened us if we did?!!!!!!!!! For elfin sake!

    This chick doesn’t know anything about the country she “calls” home? But loves to believe she does, but rather Russia/USSR is still her home, and is such a bastion of culture, truth, freedom and creativity that one would wonder why her parents left such a fantastic place?

    One last thing. Us, easterners, that means east of Manitoba, have the spirit of talkers, challengers, debaters – but having said that we don’t feel the need to throw beer bottles or epithets at each other to communicate. we speak openly where ever we are; the grocery store, getting gas, hiking the trail, having a beer, shopping….wherever, whenever.

    So, where does this chick live? Not in my Country.

  4. Do you find that continuing to listen to and critiquing hours and hours worth of content to be a worthwhile use of your time? It’s a serious question.

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