[PODCAST] #373c: CONSPIRA-THON (The Prequel) Conclusion – No Planes?


Australian researcher Nick Ulbrick, aka "The Transcendental Tangent General" joins me for another long-form conversation on the topic of "conspiracy theories," which he refers to as "conspiracy narratives." Nick has worked in the university system as a Teacher’s Assistant (called Tutor in Victoria). In the past, he was an artist liaison at major music festivals and has also made 10 feature length documentaries following the Australian Motorsports scene (which can be found at www.hpheaven.com.au). His interest in alternative media was fostered through the works of Tragedy and Hope, James Corbett and School Sucks.

In this final installment, we talk about
-The Prussian Ph.D system
-Cognitive Dissonance
-The magic information suitcase thought experiment
-No planes on 9/11?
-A personal 9/11 investigation
-Empowerment: the emotional and intellectual footing for investigating conspiracy theories
-a mind like water and peaceful penetration

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Look Closer:

Foundation of a Weaponized Term - http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/20/cia-document-1035-960-foundation-of-a-weaponized-term/

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  1. Hi Guys, As JP Morgan said long ago, “No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form. The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.”

    Applied to conspiracy, this means that the essence of any conspiracy has to be reduced to its simplest form and, hopefully, that provides insight into the truth of a matter.

    Regarding 911, the simplest element is that the top of the North Tower never decelerated as it fell though the bottom section of the North Tower. This fact renders the “pile driver” theory demonstrably false because any pile driving force would be countered by an equal and opposite force that would oppose the motion of the top section of the building. This opposing force would have been observable as a deceleration. Newton’s Third Law covers this physical phenomenon.

    More can be found here:

    AitT – Sir Isaac Newton Weighs in on the World Trade Center North Tower Collapse Official Narrative

    Now, this tells us the official narrative is demonstrably false. It also tells us that the establishment is promoting a false narrative.

    There is a bigger conspiracy that can be proven by the application of 5th grade mathematics. All debt based monetary systems are prima facie fraud as exposed by this simple narrative…

    If I lend you $20 (or $20 billion, the number doesn’t matter) @5% interest, in one year you will owe me $21 due to double entry bookkeeping adjustments that add $1 interest liability to your balance sheet and $1 interest asset to my balance sheet. At the end of the year, you (government, corporations, ordinary people) will owe me (private international banking cartel controlled by Debt-Money Monopolists) $21 AND I CONTROL THE $1 YOU NEED TO PAY ME BACK!

    In other words, your government is my vassal working on my behalf – and I control the media and finance political campaigns to ensure that my operatives are put into power… right or left is an artificial construct from my point of view as both sides do my ultimate bidding.

    The Debt-Money Monopolists comprise the group known as “The Man.”

    Again, this is empirical conspiracy fact beyond all doubt.

    These two conspiracy facts have profound implications… but since they aren’t endlessly debatable, people tend to not be interested in them – even those who believe some fraction of the actual conspiracy!

    I have math, physics, data, logic, and facts on my side and so I pound math, physics, data, logic, and facts all the day long.

  2. If you want an in depth look into the real power structure set up by the Debt-Money Monopolists, Damon Vrabel shares incredibly accurate insights in…

    Renaissance 2.0


    Debunking Money

    Some valuable short introductions to the debt-based monetary fraud include

    Poverty-Debt Is not a choice

    How to Be a Crook

  3. Regarding “no planes”, if you are interested in hard scientific analysis, a Brit by the name of Richard D. Hall constructed a computer model of Manhattan island and all the buildings so that he could place each of the existing videos of the “plane” that day in it and see if they were true to one another – that is, did they all film the same event?

    Surprising me, perhaps even himself, the 20+ videos that he was able to place in his model all showed the same object on the same trajectory. There was something in the air. (We have no credible footage of the first “plane” hitting the North tower. The Naudet video is highly suspect.)

    So now we are faced with a problem: Passenger aircraft cannot fly at 500+ knots at 700 feet elevation. They disintegrate. The supposed pilot would not have been able to direct the aircraft with such precision. Despite what Bruce says in this podcast, there was no aircraft debris. And, Newton’s third law was not suspended that day.

    So the question is, what did the videos capture? It may have been shaped like an aircraft, but why no markings, why no aluminum finish.

    I do not know.

    Something else troubling and not much talked about – the four aircraft supposedly hijacked that day were virtually empty. When is the last time you flew an American airline that was not full or almost full?

    • Hi Mark, have you seen the documentary 911 In Plane Site?

      They cover some very interesting plane anomalies in that documentary.

      The evidence indicates something hit the two towers and they at least looked like planes. Maybe they were specially made planes for this purpose. Who knows?

      What we do know for a fact, though, is that any downward crushing force of the top of the falling towers would have an equal and opposite force that would decelerate the top section of the building.

      That deceleration was not observed, therefore, it did not exist.

      Therefore, no downward crushing or pile driving force existed, either.

      That’s a fact, Jack! People can wave arms, call names or, probably smartest of all, pretend this reality doesn’t exist, but they can’t make that which is real become unreal by anything they choose to do.

      • I have not seen that video, and thanks. I’ll look it up.

        Hall convinced me that something was in the air that day. There are no eyewitnesses to passenger aircraft except news executives who happened to be out strolling that morning. The explosions were certainly real, as we have plenty of evidence for that. Dr. Judy Wood convinced me that the buildings could not have come down without injection of massive external energy, and she further shows that the “collapses” did not register an adequate seismic signal and that there were unexplained disruptions in the earth’s magnetic fields coinciding with the events of that day – the buildings getting their holes, and then collapsing. There was also a massive hurricane sitting offshore Long Island, Hurricen Erin, u reported.

        In short, we witnessed something not explained by existing technology that day. Dr. Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go, summarized physical evidence from that day. It’s a 500 page text book. Not too many are up to the challenge.

      • Scratch that statement. I have seen that video. It’s disinfo, in my view. Saw it several years back.

        • Hi Mark, what specific aspects of that documentary do you consider disinfo and why? Thanks. While I know that the top of the North Tower didn’t crush the lower section of the building, I have no explanation for exactly what “unzipped” that building such that it would “waterfall” in the manner observed on 911.

  4. Hi Ben, the Trivium Method is a system. Different personalities apply it differently. You are confusing personality with system.

    If you are accusing me of abusing logic, please address exactly how you think I abused logic. The truth, as outlined, is quite simple. We are talking applied 5th grade mathematics and Physics 101.

    Well, that’s what I was talking about, anyway. You just attacked me for a perceived observation you’ve had relevant to someone else.

    • Hi Ben, my original post is essentially “debating” the physics equivalent of 2+2=4.

      I note that you have yet to discuss the meat and potatoes of the original argument.

      BTW, I understand your point of view. Some arrogant people misapply the Trivium and reach irrational conclusions all while claiming intellectual superiority because they know of the Trivium concept.

      Again, you are confusing personality with the system. The system is sound. In order to know a subject, you need to know the relevant subject matter data, you need to know how that data logically fits together, and you need to identify and eliminate contradictions and logical fallacies.

      Most people can’t do that. My guess is that Brett can’t do it on this subject matter – even though it is easily proven to be empirical fact. It is **emotionally** distressing to **know** beyond any reasonable doubt that something other than the falling top section of the North Tower took those buildings apart.

      I’ve found that a significant number of 911 Truthers would rather avoid this absolute, physical truth. They’d rather argue, “couldas and maybes” and make a sport out of it instead of posting absolute fact and deal with the irrationality that follows.

      Because the IMPOSSIBLE approach is to look at the evidence and explain it in such a manner that the top of the North Tower actually crushed the lower section of the building. Nobody can do that because it is not possible given the observable, empirical evidence and the law of physics recognized by Newton’s 3rd Law.

  5. Why should it be assumed that any of the so called “news” video footage shown on September 11, 2001 is authentic real time capture of live events?

    September Clues and Clusforum.info have thoroughly deconstructed the 9/11 footage, which is still available at Archive.org for verification, and shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the “live” broadcasts were created in advance. Any analysis based on the broadcasts is an analysis based on cartoons.

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