[PODCAST] #370: The Trivium, Non-Violent Communication and Mind Control – A Response to Gnostic Media (Part 5 of 5)


Tony Myers, Darrell Becker and I conclude our response to the Gnostic Media presentation called “Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 2 “From the Fabians, thru MKULTRA, to Today.” - #230 w/Bill Joslin. This was discussed at length in the School Sucks Facebook Group (link).

Today we cover their presentation from the 22-minute mark to the end. This portion of the discussion covers the following:

-Rosenberg and the roots of Non-Violent Communication
-Riane Eisler and Second-Wave Femism
-the concept of "domination cultures"
-gender implications of domination systems
-Secular Humanism and the Humanist Manifesto
-Interdependence vs. Independence
-Other types of activism "Deep Green Resistence"
-Culling the male population, Terence McKenna
-Cultural Marxism
-the emergence of of "partnership cultures"
-Problems with the primacy of conscious
-the Objectivist view of reality
-NVC ties to Fabianism and Agenda 21?

The slide discussed starting at 1:48:23-

The slide discussed starting at 2:15:46-
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Description from Gnostic Media:
Bill Joslin at an early age developed a fascination with mind and awareness. Subsequently he spent 16 years studying Bonpo, Nyingma Buddhist and Taoist practices. He spent a year in Asia interviewing Buddhist monks in Laos, Cambodia, Nepal; Taoist practitioners in Indonesia, and Bonpo priests in Northwest Nepal, comparing practices as taught in the west with the original monasteries and traditions from which the teachings originated. Nine years ago, Bill was asked by a number of people to counsel them with mediation practices they were having difficulty with and not finding aid from their current teachers. From a sense of responsibility Bill then went through a process of questioning every aspect of meditative knowledge he had gained over those years, essentially applying critical thinking to spiritual practices. In short order the illusion of meditation, spiritual teachers, and philosophical frameworks dissolved and a concise, non-mystical view of mind, self and world emerged with simple clarity. Meditation and spiritual guru-ship is an ancient form of control, the residue of which we live with today.

Professional Protesters make their way into legitimate causes by providing organization and training to sincere people. Once installed into the cause they then high jack the activities - marginalize or radicalise the participants. NVC is a core subject in activist training.

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Look Closer:

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- http://www.gnosticmedia.com/BillJoslin_NVC_vs_Trivium_Method

Bill Joslin's Slideshow - http://www.gnosticmedia.com/txtfiles/NVC-vs-TriviumMethod.pdf

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  1. Perhaps it would be interesting for Brett to invite Ben on in order to discuss his (Ben’s) issues with this content in more detail?

  2. Would you accept an invitation to discuss or debate if it were offered?

  3. My last words on this (I assume they’re my last) are that I see a potential for an interesting discussion and I’d be curious to hear the results.

  4. In this one (part 5 of 5):

    At around 16 min point: Bill or Jan: “…[NVC’s] sole purpose is to get people to adopt your view… it’s always come down to that… nothing to do with reality or truth… getting people to agree with you…”

    RESPONSE: Wow. Opposite. My 12 years of training in NVC has consistently been about learning to let go of agenda. Empathy is at the core. Empathy is different than sympathy, where with sympathy we are running people’s situation through our filters, empathy is the practice of letting go of our filters, temporarily, in order to truly put our selves in the other person’s shoes. We accept but don’t condone their view. Just pure listening. The more I listen to Bill & Jan, the more I’m convinced they have a very very basic, shallow understanding of NVC.

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