[PODCAST] #345: Podcastmasters’ Liberty Master Class – Teachers vs. Teacher Unions


Osborne, Gardner Goldsmith and I continue our once-a-month listener participation live show where we discuss our recent shows, projects, challenges, investigations, etc...

-Osborne's political challenges on the Education Board in the NH House of Representatives
-The NEA, its power and its history
-Samuel Blumenfeld
-the challenges of teachers working within the public system

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  1. John Calvin Jones

    Kind Podcasters:

    I am a public school (math) teacher. While I detest the nonsense of “leave no child untested”, mindless disconnected curricula that do not emphasize the trivium and or problem-solving, and cops in schools, your claims about rapists running wild is a bit overblown.

    Every school district CAN perform adequate criminal background checks. For example, I cannot work in some schools because ANOTHER John Jones, born on the same day as I, wrote a bad check in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the 1980s! Indeed, members of the HR staff in Brownsville, Texas, admitted that they REFUSED to check the social security number of that John Jones – and refused to consider me for employment due to a false-positive allegation that I had committed a crime.

    As well, there NO effective teachers unions in the States I have lived and worked (Virginia, Iowa, Texas, and North Carolina). Instead I am surrounded by illiterate assistant principals who dissemble, lie, equivocate, and are generally threatened by those who seek to use the institution and vehicle of a school as a place to expand the knowledge-based of humanity.

    While I agree, that governments are bad and a voluntary society is best, I, as a math teacher, am NOT training and encouraging young people to obey police-state thugs, laud jingoism and the military, but the vast majority of Americans are and at least a plurality of American public school teachers also love their military-industrial complex.

    As to the latter, they are also too foolish to reject vaccines, aspartame, and all the other artificial nonsense that enters the bodies and brains of our children. So they want to tinker with teaching methods and curricula, instead of physiology.

    Best wishes

    John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD
    Winston-Salem, NC

  2. Great episode, enjoyed listening for a while now, Was refreshing, I believe you previous episode on diet etc, We’re big followers of WAPF, and have befitted greatly from Sally Fallons wisdom, which sounded very similar to the guest you had on. I would strongly suggest you consider going to bed earlier, and waking earlier, ideal I understand 2 hours after sunset, or you could try the blue blocking safety glasses, which I’ve tried for the last month, and are very pleasant to wear if you can’t go to bed early and have improved my sleep. I don’t think early sleep would cause any additional stress, but would 100% help with reducing the stress the body has and ability to recover.

    I wanted to ask if you’d heard/studied any info from Mark Passio at whatonearthishappening.com ? Especially his video lecture on Natural Law, or New age bullshit. I’ve only just come across it myself, and am extremely impressed. He does talk, in real terms about “Moral Relativism”, how this and other ideas are the tenets of actual Satanist worship, and he was a priest for some 10 years I understand. I think you’d be fascinated by how this fits in with the push towards a certain kind of educontrolism.

    Thanks again, enjoy and have benefited from what you’ve shared over the last few years on SchoolSucks.

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