[PODCAST] #343f: Jeffrey Tucker – We Don’t Need To Be Snobs (2015 Liberty Forum)


Part Six in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions
Jeffrey Tucker joins Brett, Carlos and a live audience for a discussion about McDonald's menu options, the intellectual challenge of Brittney Spears, eugenics, the Progressive era, the total state of the 20th century, the future of digital romance and relationships, Skoal, the distributed network, Yik Yak and fashion.

Jeffrey Tucker is the founder and Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me, a distinguished fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education where he consults on technology and editorial matters, a research fellow of the Acton Institute, and the editor of Laissez Faire Books. He has authored five books, 150 introductions to books, and many thousands of articles.

Look Closer:
JeffreyTucker.me - http://www.jeffreytucker.me/
Liberty.me - https://liberty.me/

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