[PODCAST] #343c: Davi Barker – Middle-Schoolers vs. Zombies (2015 Liberty Forum)


Part Three in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions
Davi Barker joins us to discuss his book Trilogy: Survivor Max.

Davi's Bio:
A lifelong connoisseur of the undead, Davi believes that art should imitate life, and if it can’t, art should at least eat life’s brain. Davi is the author of Survivor Max, the story of a young boy surviving the zombie apocalypse alone in New Hampshire.

Davi's Presentation At Liberty Forum - The Undead Democracy Apocalypse

Look Closer:
ShinyBadges.com - http://muslimagorist.com/products/front-page
DaviBarker.com - http://www.muslimagorist.com/writing
FreedomFeens.com - http://www.FreedomFeens.com

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