[PODCAST] #332: Stop Procrastinating NOW! (or soon) – Part 3 – The Six Types of Procrastination


A short series about the roots of, forms of and remedies for procrastination.

A-B-C-D-E Examples

-The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (The Practices of Living Consciously, Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, Self-Assertiveness, Living Purposefully and Personal Integrity)
-The GTD Flow (Collect, Process, Organize, Review, Do)


Style #1: Perfectionist. Reluctant to start or finish a task because they don't want anything less than perfect.

Personality Type: Critical
Thinking Style: All or nothing
Speaking Style: I should... I have to...
Acting Style Flawless
Psychological Need For: Control

Style #2: Dreamer. They don't like details. This makes ideas difficult to implement.

Personality Type: Fanciful
Thinking Style: Vague
Speaking Style: I wish...
Acting Style: Passive
Psychological need for: Being special

Style #3: Worrier. They have an excessive need for security, causing them to fear risk. They fear change, causing them to avoid finishing projects so they don't have to leave the comfort of the "known."

Personality Type: Fearful
Thinking Style: Indecisive
Speaking Style: What if...?
Acting Style: Cautious
Psychological Need For: Security

Style #4: Defier. A rebel seeking to buck the rules. By procrastinating, they are setting their own schedule -- one that nobody else can predict or control. More subtle forms are called passive-aggressive.

Personality Type: Resistant
Thinking Style: Oppositional
Speaking Style: Why should I...?
Acting Style: Rebellious
Psychological Need For: Non-conformity

Style #5: Crisis-Maker. Addicted to the adrenaline rush of living on the edge.

Personality Type: Over-emotional
Thinking Style: Agitated
Speaking Style: Extremes - "Unbelievable"
Acting Style: Dramatic
Psychological Need For: Attention

Style #6: Over-Doer. Says yes to too much because they are unable or unwilling to make choices and establish priorities. They have difficulty making decisions. Prime candidate for burnout.

Personality Type: Busy
Thinking Style: Compelled
Speaking Style: Can't say "no"
Acting Style: Do-it-all
Psychological Need For: Self-reliance

(From It's About Time:The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them by Dr. Linda Sapadin. Book Overview by Kathy Paauw)


Look Closer:
David Allen, Getting Things Done - http://www.davidco.com/

The Trivium method - http://www.triviumeducation.com/

tragedyandhope.com - http://www.tragedyandhope.com/

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rational_emotive_behavior_therapy

ABC Worksheet - http://www.stressgroup.com/ABCworksheet.html

It's About Time:The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them - http://www.orgcoach.net/overcomeprocrastination.html

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  1. I appreciate this series a lot. I think I’d have to put myself into the Dreamer and Over-Doer categories, and there is also a strong element of my mind wanting to divert to more interesting, yet less practical things. I also frequently find myself drumming or otherwise filling silence with such stimulus.

    For example, I’m working on a work project and every few minutes, it seems, I’ll have thoughts such as “why don’t I play some music, check my email, or continue that podcast?” Sometimes these things will coexist and not affect my focus, but often I end up just not really listening to whatever podcast, and not really working on my work. I know that a part of me is bored with the mundane as I perceive it, because I can be very focused on certain things. This is what I’m struggling with.

  2. WHY the FUKKKK should YOU need to get a SOUND A\PP cos OF THEM , bRETT?
    Oh lol!v much

  3. My neighbours probably got the sound app because of my laughing volume at this series so far.

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