[PODCAST] #319: Autonomy Through Agorism (Part 5) – Bitcoin’s Path To Greatness


AGORISM - Mattheus von Guttenburg joins me in the studio to resume our exploration of agorism. Mattheus is a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, Mises.org and EconomicThought.net, and he is here to discuss the past, present and future of Bitcoin.

-HISTORY: What did fiat currency do to the world in the 20th century?
-Bitcoin and agorism: Agorism usually thought of on the small scale, but now international trade is possible on an individual level
-Bitcoin’s assets – transparency, speed, reliability, and privacy
-how agorism develops around the world, necessity
-how much capital moves through agorist markets on a global scale?

The Pac-Man analogy:
Mattheus recently wrote in The Path To Greatness: "Bitcoin is Pacman. It upgrades by consuming delicious and bountiful enemies – glowing ghosts. What is on Bitcoin’s plate? Why, every competing media of exchange, of course."

-first, the various alt coins
-then e-commerce transactions
-then brick and mortar establishments looking to reduce transaction costs
-then Credit cards, a leftover from a simpler time
-then governments and central banks

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Look Closer:
Agorism Resources - http://agorism.info/

Mattheus von Guttenberg Archives at Bitcoin Magazine -

Mattheus von Guttenberg Archives at Economic Thought - http://www.economicthought.net/blog/author/mguttenberg/

Mattheus von Guttenberg Archives at Mises.org - https://mises.org/daily/author/1506/Mattheus-von-Guttenberg

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  1. I enjoyed this conversation with Mattheus von Guttenberg and hope he comes back. I’m in favor of alternative currencies, but my biggest concern with BitCoin (the reason I don’t own any) is that the government may “crack down” on it. Why should we be optimistic that BitCoin is immune to government violence? Thus far, the popularity of many things has not prevented their prohibition.

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