[PODCAST] #317: Intelligence, Socialism and Bullying (Brett On Red Ice Radio)


INTERVIEW - This is hour one of my recent conversation with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio.

Our discussion includes my answers to the following questions:

-Putting the history of education in context to what we are seeing today. (Education is going down the drain and we are seeing a decline in average I.Q in the west. Yes, we are importing an unprecedented amount of third world population into the west which is contributing to these statistics, but it doesn’t explain the massive drop entirely. To put it bluntly: Stupidity is a growing epidemic. What are some of the reasons for this?

-Is there a link between intelligence and education?

-The issue of bullying laws. What occurs with children who no longer will learn to stand up to bullies on their own and learn to take care of their own problems? (The long term effects on children who are encouraged to run to a “third party” to have them fix their problem. Be that a teacher, school police or the state)

-Have you heard anything about how Sweden’s “educational” system is developing? The main focus in Sweden is not to educate, but to indoctrinate and push political correct issues on the children, like for example gender neutrality and other nonsense that goes again biology. Parents now have their hands tied behind their backs in terms of how they can raise their children.

-(Bonus): Where will this end if we do not take control of education? In the long term, where will mankind end up? Considering that pop culture is pushing anti-intellectualism and dysgenics. Also, the entertainment media (Hollywood) is pushing a lot of destructive behavior on children and teenagers. It’s also difficult to isolate children from this environment. Do you have any suggestion in terms of how to take back control of culture (pop culture in particular) and begin to insert positive role models to children and teenagers?

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  1. Concerning pinched nerves, I have that as well and I found that the “Activator” method of chiropractic stuff workes very well for me.

    I think there are some chiropractors in the community, Brett.

  2. I get terrible pinched nerves in my back and muscle knots so bad that my right hand goes numb. Without paying to see a doctor (oh, I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice), I get relief by:

    Rolling a lacrosse ball on my back on the floor or a wall to loosen muscles. It’s basic but lets me control the pressure and sometimes just gets me over the discomfort hump.

    A tens unit. These things work wonders. Get one immediately. I got one for my back and now find I use it on all my muscles for knots, cramps, soreness, and tendon/nerve problems. 20 minutes of electricity beats 2 weeks of rest for me.

    Tiger balm or liniment. I got into these while kickboxing and they just seem to work better than the usual drug store pain relievers. Great for mild pain.

    This will sound crazy but I stretch my back on one of those big dumb exercise balls. I roll on my back with my arms over my head. Many back problems are made worse by tight muscles and poor bloodflow, particularly in the neck and chest (I know, sounds nuts). Stretching all these muscles might give relief.

    Last, I take high levels of fish oil. It helps recover. I assume you’re already using it.

    Best of luck, I’ve had problems for years. I hope you don’t fall into the chronic category but it’s very common for back problems once they start.

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