[PODCAST] #315a: American Compulsory Schooling – History, Development and Hidden Agendas


SCHOOL HISTORY - (Part 1 of 2) This is my recent conversation with Joshua Sheats of the popular financial planning site RadicalPersonalFinance.com. Josh is currently working through a podcast series on education, and he invited me to discuss public school history, agendas, and escapes and alternatives.

Our discussion includes:
-the concept of Education as a public good on a national scale
-the impact of the 14th Amendment
-does school work? for whom?
-the Calvinists vs. the Unitarians at Harvard
-Prussian history, 'an army with country'
-Horace Mann and the spread of the Prussian system
-The Progressive reforms and John Dewey
-tax-free foundations and industrialists
-connections to modern schooling discourse

Come see me at Keenevention, November 1st
I'll be on media panel with Mark Edge, Chris Cantwell and Stephanie Murphy.

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  1. Congrats on the Red Ice interview, Brett.

    Assuming you’re doing two hours, do you know if Henrik is going to let you release both hours to your website? If not I’d consider giving him the requested three month membership fee, in order to hear the second hour. Since they’ve been hammering the white-identity politics thing pretty hard these days, I’m not sure I seeing the value in it, though.

    Maybe he’d let you release the second hour to your subscribers?

    Hope it goes well. Solid opportunity to expand the SSP message.

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