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Fourth Installment: The After School Sucks Special following the Sestercentepisodic Gala (Episodes 250a and 250b), recorded on December 11th, 2013

With Osborne, Brian and Keegan – film making and independent film distribution – the Gatto videos – writing a book – the Bulletproof Diet – Bitcoin concerns – market distortions (caused by schooling)

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One comment

  1. I can’t tell if no one has commented here, of it comments just don’t get published. They should get published! I’ll assume they do, and that I’m just the first one to comment.

    Here’s why: I am passionate about keeping OUR resources out of the hands of those who use them to enslave people. Yes, I’m talking about the government. Of course, this passion of mine has a lot to do with taxes. I heard one of you mention that an IRS agent can go and buy something for bitcoin, establish that the transaction was NOT reported to the IRS, and conclude, to the detriment of the shop owner, that something is amiss. This prompts me to point something out.

    While there are many people in government who simply want to oppress us as much as possible, they are pretty rare. Most of them just don’t know that they are working against our shared goal of peace and freedom. They will often try as hard as they can to be honest and good, though they might avoid realizations that imperil their jobs. The presence of such people inside the IRS is the only explanation I can find for the tax refunds that Peter Hendrickson has been publishing on his website – refunds people get for all their withholding.

    It’s not that these people in the IRS are helping people avoid paying taxes that the law says they owe. No! Of course not! They are learning things about the law that none of their superiors wants them to know. How could there be such things about the law? Should liberty minded people care about those elements of the law?

    Governments set up rules so that they can win the respect of the masses by (pretending to be) following them, a respect they need desperately. One of those rules, here in the US, is a Constitutional prohibition against “direct taxes.” Most people who study what that prohibits think that part of the Constitution was repealed by the 16th amendment. IT WAS NOT. Hendrickson explains this and shows the Supreme Court explaining it too. So what gives?

    Well, if you are confused, then it’s a lot easier to make you do something you wouldn’t do if you weren’t confused. So there’s a lot of FUD out there. The claim that the 16th amendment repealed, altered, or rescinded part of the Constitution is such FUD. Hendrickson explains this too, along with the Supreme Court.

    Since an in depth understanding of the rules the government has to follow (because it said it would) can benefit us, many people would be interested in gaining that understanding. If you’re one of them, or you’re willing to share this idea with listeners, check out losthorizons.com.

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