Podcast #306: Attitude and Altitude, With Joby Weeks


Author, entrepreneur and activist Joby Weeks joins me to open a new series where I'll talk to people I admire about their successes, challenges and habits. At the age of 33, Joby has already pioneered several successful and innovative ventures to help people all over the world achieve greater autonomy.

Look Closer:
Brett's Interview Notes - http://www.evernote.com/l/AK0lPjJcPKhHpaf8IzDj0UKnJjGPGiz8u38/

Joby's Projects:
Elevate Solar - http://elevate.solar/

Mountain Hours: Organic Money for Summit County, CO - http://mtnhours.com/

Mannatech - http://us.mannatech.com/

Our Wellness Revolution - http://ourwellnessrevolution.com/

Defeat Diseases (free e-book) - http://defeatdiseases.com/

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  1. I havent had time to listen to the whole interview yet, but I was reading a bit on the Our Wellness Revolution website and I see a lot of contradictory statements that confuse me.

    For instance, an Ad that both demonizes vitamins and then at the end trys to sell them to you listing the same magic weightloss results as other ‘diet products’ and multivitamins. I’m on board with not injesting multivitamins, however, I believe highly in targeted supplementation, every human being is different and has a different set of environmental circumstances, figuring out what your body and mind need is part of life.

    Another is Ads for milk alternatives like Soy, which as far as Im aware is full of insane amounts of estrogen, which I doubt is healthy for men or women. Statements about the dangers of milk and animal products without cause, and with what seems like a lack of understanding of how and why farm animals became a staple of the human diet. Like stating: “Unfortunately, cows milk is allowed to be sold even though it contains, pus, herbicides, pesticides and trace amounts of bacteria. Consuming large amounts of cows milk has some very scary health risks associated with it. Check out The Dangers of Milk. If we NEED milk for calcium, we should stop to think for a moment as to where cows get the calcium they need for strong bones. Hmmm… The answer is through the plants they eat.”

    A response to this statement would be to not to give up dairy, but to find better dairy in just the same way you would find better vegetables and fruit. Use the leverage of mass purchasing power to direct the producers to create a more healthy product, that is how the free market works after all. Demand results in higher supply unless government regulates us all out of existence. My preference is delicious raw milk from organicly raised, free range, grass fed cows, just like the meat that I eat, small local producers whom I can meet, converse with, see the live animals as healthy and happy.

    Eat the leafy greens instead of animals the website says. Well there are reasons why herbivours are parts of the natural food chain for meat eating mammals. 1. they are similar in composition to other mammals making the fats, vitamins and minerals contained within them extremely bioavailable to other mammals and 2. they have the appropriate digestive systems to process the biounavailable minerals and nutrients found in leafy greens into a form that is more easily absorbable by other mammals that don’t have the digestive systems that can handle those plant materials. Humans have a hard time with leafy greens and don’t absorb much of the calcium and vitamin K2 necessary for healthy living. Cows on the other hand have 7 stomachs designed for just that purpose.

    My preference for Dairy products is actually butter made from the raw milk of organically raised, freerange, grassfed cattle. So nutrient dense it blows my mind.

    Looking forward to listening to the full interview.

  2. Absolutely criminal that you didn’t list Beats Antique as the bumper music!

  3. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income might be a good guest or Dane Maxwell from the Foundation

  4. loved this show! It’s funny because I have been on a big money=freedom kick, learning all I can about passive income and using the internet to create revenue streams for myself. And now, on my favorite show I hear someone living the lifestyle I want! Nice synchronicity Brett. Thank You. I am looking forward to hearing more in this series 🙂

    • I agree Drea, I am loving this show too! And likewise, I am all about creating revenue streams via the internet. BUT, I also make it mandatory that the value I bring to the table is for the highest good of all. Huge one for me, which is what I love about this episode so much… these are the areas in life I want to help change for the better as well ❤

      Anyways, the reason I’m replying to your comment is because I thought you’d be interested in this Podcast: “Screw the 9-5”. For anyone looking to create an online business this is an awesome podcast to listen to. Their content is great and so are their personalities! Highly recommend 🙂 http://screwtheninetofive.com

  5. I’m honestly very disappointed by this. It’s the first episode I’ve listened to for quite some time (have greatly enjoyed Brett’s amazing sense of humor on Puke and the Gang though) and I’m appalled to hear mr Weeks tell all this apparent bullshit about his products and curing diseases and what not without a single critical question from Brett. I must confess I still have about 20 minutes to go of the episode at this point so maybe there will be some voice of reason at the end, I sure hope so.

    What this Weeks guy is selling on the Mannatech site (specifically Ambrotose) is basically just pulverized Larch (probably bark which is extremely cheap) in a fancy packaging with some mumbo jumbo trickery words on it that sells for more than $1300/kg. Not too difficult getting a large passive income if you’re so morally corrupt you don’t mind using a bit of fraud to reach your goals.

    Not even questioning the claims to cure diseases by “helping the body’s own cells” is just…unbelievable…

    Maybe you should just focus on the comedy stuff, Brett, because there you really know what you’re doing.

    Sorry about the harshness, I’m in a bit of shock over this uncritical interview…

  6. Excellent show. Only one problem with it. I have attempted to contact the opportunist (Joby Weeks) organization 3 times now to no avail. Could you please do a follow up interview with Joby and ask why his organization is not replying to requests for contact? Perhaps they are inundated and to busy to reply?

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