Podcast #297: Behold A Dictator (1 of 2) – The Brains Trust, With Thaddeus Russell


Part 7 in the survey series, A Renegade History Course. This is a live discussion with historian Thaddeus Russell, the author of A Renegade History of the United States. Antigone Darling of Sex, Lies & Anarchy co-hosts.

Discussed Today:
-Objectivism vs. Relativism
-The organic connection between Nazi Germany and New Deal America
-What is Thad's problem with science?
-How church and state destroy community
-Corporatism parallels between the US, Italy and Germany
-Was the New Deal Fascist?
-The Brains Trust (FDR)
-American eugenics

Bumper Music:
"Paparazzi (Instrumental)" Xzibit
"Onward Christian Soldiers" Traditional

Look Closer:
Thaddeus Russell's Site - www.thaddeusrussell.com

Sex, Lies & Anarchy - http://sexliesanarchy.com/

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One comment

  1. I’m quite familiar with postmodernism. Stephen Hicks, an objectivist, does a good job at explaining it’s history and it’s developments starting from Rousseau who is ironically considered an enlightenment thinker, as is Immanuel Kant. According to objectivist philosophy though, those two are explicitly not enlightenment thinkers. The confusion stems from looking at them in terms of timing, rather than philosophical issues. The two of them, Rousseau influenced Kant, thought that reason was limited in the pursuit of moral and social issues, but that using the modern science and combining it with the morality part of religion (and taking everything else out), one could attain the perfect society in other words, all the principles needed that led to progressivism.

    One of the things that Ayn Rand tried to establish was the flaws of the enlightenment and what led to it’s eventual failure, I mean she wasn’t an all out supporter of the enlightenment, she figured that the problem with the enlightenment was that it did not defend reason in terms of it being sufficient as a way of understanding and practicing morality and values, which was done by the Romantics instead (who wanted Christian values, without the religion). One could say that Objectivism is really Enlightenment + Egoism + Romanticism – mysticism – coercion = Objectivism . Libertarians often confuse Ayn Rand for being a Classical Liberal, but in fact the Fountainhead, has a lot of criticism towards the Classical Liberals and their love and worship of the works of history, over the use of the mind and reason that often had to go against the past to bring new things in the present like Howard Roark.

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