Podcast #281: Ben Stone (2 of 2): Diminishing the Market Demand For Government


Ben Stone returns for another discussion about the past, present and future of the philosophy of liberty. Ben is the host of the Bad Quaker podcast.

-going underground
-agorism: ignore government, don't protest it
-specializaton in liberty activism
-making the moral argument
-making the practical argument
-making money
-assisting government on its path to self-destruction
-winning hearts and minds
-deal with individuals
-government is not the enemy; it's the myth

Bumper Music:
Rush - "Closer to the Heart"

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  1. Great cast. Thanks for the encouragement and we also hold Ben and his family in high regard. Awesome peolpe.

  2. Joseph A. Eberhardt

    Bad Quaker is my “do not miss” podcast. Combine that with one of my other favorite podcasts was just awesome. More Brett, more!!!

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