Podcast #280: Autonomy Through Agorism (Part 1) – Why Permaculture?


Jamin and I discuss how agorism, permaculture and the Philosophy of Liberty work together.

Jamin's Notes:
Why would somebody want to do this?

Your efforts will be rewarded. You will have spent less money and time buying food. Less money will go to commercial farming that is heavily subsidized by stolen productivity. The time you spend will be truly working for yourself with the least amount of contribution to supporting the systems of domination possible.

Providing for your own food perpetuates the counter economy by moving productivity out of the realm of the false economy and taxation and into the agora. When paired with barter and alternative currency it exponentially increases it's effectiveness as a revolutionary act. The current systems of domination where made possible in a large part with the control of food production by bandit gangs, and taking back the control of food production from the aphex predator of bandit gangs, (ie the individuals empowered by the myth of the legitimacy of and need for the state) will contribute greatly in a multifaceted approach to strike at the root of state control and replace that predatory mimic of human society with one built on self ownership and spontaneous order created through voluntary cooperation.

While many would argue that this approach is at odds with the concept of specialization that the market thrives on I disagree. I don't see specialization as an all or nothing concept and while I think specialization is a great thing, there comes a point of diminishing returns where you start to lose autonomy from being over specialized. Maybe you could argue that in a freed market with a truly functioning price mechanism (real money and no state interference in the market) that there is no such thing as over specialization, but in the current zombie version of the market where corrections are blunted and postponed by state interference and nobody knows the true cost of anything because of the phony monetary system that favors the first users of newly created debt and those closest to them not to mention all the imperialism backing up the petro dollar paradigm over specialize to the peril of your autonomy because you are then ruled by the experts, authorities, or archons, or rulers. The service cartels, the users of state privilege to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions.

Withdrawing your consent from the system doesn't stop with not participating in the political process the next level is to take back your autonomy a piece at a time by refusing to support the false economy when alternatives exist. The more people that go this route the more strain on the capacity to fund humanity's enslavement and even more important the less credibility the myth of the legitimacy of state power has in the minds of the people when you prove that they don't need to be enslaved in order to be free.

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Look Closer:
Jamin's Group - Agora et Agricola: the market and farm. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1931500123655775/

Agorism Resources - http://agorism.info/

Design Principles of Permaculture - http://www.fincatresanillos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/designprinciples.jpg

Paul Wheaton, permies.com - http://www.permies.com/

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  1. Great show, guys, thanks a zillion!
    Took a brief break from the online permaculture course I’m doing and browsed through my favourite pod-sites, and lo and behold, Brett has a premium premie guest! Nicely knit conversation, and kudos for the great tip on wasps, Jamin!
    Really looking forward to the follow-up.

  2. Enjoyed this. It’s great to hear a discussion on permaculture through a voluntary/liberty lens, as it usually seems to be coming from a more ‘left’ perspective.

    I don’t know if these questions fit into the scope of Brett’s ‘agenda’ with this series but I have a few. I’d be curious to know, if Jamin eats grains, is he or does he plan on trying to get them from his set-up? Grains, or their replacements are often the short coming of a self-contained permie system. I’d also like to hear his thoughts on trying to pull an income from his endeavors. Another knock on permaculture is that it isn’t practical for ‘making a living’, which of course, as an idea, has a lot of wobble. Does Jamin practice silviculture at all? Does he plan to run his animals through his system a la Joel Salatin or does he plan to keep them separate? It would be interesting to hear Jamin’s thoughts on ‘climate change’, as well, as this tends to be another cornerstone of those who practice permaculture but not necessarily a pet topic within the liberty movement…sorry for the barrage.

    For those interested in the subject, Mark Shepard (whom I do not know, nor benefit from) has a very accessible book called Restoration Agriculture, where he describes the philosophy and benefits of shifting from a the current, heavy input food system that utilizes annual crops to a lower input, perennial crop system. He has shown that large scale permaculture can be profitable AND sustainable.

    • Andrew, Glad you liked it.
      “. I’d be curious to know, if Jamin eats grains”
      Yes but very limited amounts.

      “does he plan on trying to get them from his set-up?” yes using the biointensive grain growing methods for human consumption and other methods for animal self harvesting.

      “I’d also like to hear his thoughts on trying to pull an income from his endeavors.” We have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak. We’ll cross that bridge when the design is farther along and we have more surplus to work with. I do want to get into consultation and contracting to design and implement systems for people and provide a lot of the specialty items (plants, animals, tools, etc.) in the process

      “Does Jamin practice silviculture at all? Does he plan to run his animals through his system a la Joel Salatin or does he plan to keep them separate?” Yes, we are doing the ‘pig plow’ followed by the ‘chicken tractor’ and establishing better meadow and /or food forest.

      “It would be interesting to hear Jamin’s thoughts on ‘climate change’, as well”
      The climate is always changing. I don’t buy that anthropogenic stimulus is significant causal vector of climate change because the evidence doesn’t support it.

  3. Just wanted to add on the protestant work ethic and the Amish: another reason to continue in such labor intensity, is because “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Humans are not to be trusted with leisure, we must keep our minds and hands on god and toil or we will become in danger of the whims of Satan. Original Sin–the world’s most dangerous and destructive doctrine. Thanks for this awesome show. We have a permaculture farm, unschool and love School Sucks!

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