Podcast #267b: Derrick J. Freeman – Our Most Popular Guest Ever (2014 Liberty Forum Chat)


Derrick J. returns for a discussion about government school, monetizing media projects, Peace News Now, Sick Sad World, rape jokes, Keene activism, assimilation, and shaving.

Recorded at the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

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Derrick J Freeman on You Tube - http://www.youtube.com/user/Fr33manTV?feature=watch
Derrick On School Sucks - https://schoolsucksproject.com/?s=derrick

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  1. A great interview, makes me want to move to Keene and join the fight. One thing, I find the podcast always turns up the stupid knob whenever anything Catholic comes up. From your conversation it would seem that you all think the leader of the oldest, largest institution on the face of the earth is either under the title of “a Pope Benedict”… or that the current pope’s name is Benedict. Part of why he is considered revolutionary is his name, after Francis of Assisi, a man any peaceful person should admire.

    I used to be a Catholic School teacher and our scores were always better than the public’s but I still want to close all the fucking schools! My comment on the podcast is that the mix of dismissiveness and ignorance towards the Catholic Church’s actual belief and practice overshadows any credibility that you attempt to gain by revealing you grew up in a catholic family. From my experience trying to clean up the damage done by the institution to Catholic kids, there’s nothing more fucked up than a catholic that’s really had their family, priest or more often, teacher fuck them over. For your own peace’s sake do some actual reading on all of the church’s anti-human atrocities. Some are much better and some are much worse than you think. But the dismissive arrogance makes certain episodes unlistenable to the older generation.

    Where I’m from, most of the peaceful parenting, nurturing, natural learning parents are Catholic. No sense in alienating us when you don’t even know what you’re talking about. I thoroughly enjoy any Catholic critic’s conversation but throwing out ignorance when you’re trying to make a serious point that has nothing to do with religion is just alienating good folks.

  2. I haven’t even listened to the podcast, yet I am feeling compelled to reply to Wisesamwell. Your response strikes me as quite angry. You may be justified in that, I will find out soon enough. My wish is to help dispel you of the anger by sharing with you my own experience. I am currently in the midst of trying to heal myself of the tragic loss of my older brother at the hands of another human being. I have identified myself as an atheist for many years now. Losing my brother has not suddenly converted me to a Christian. My journey has brought me across a documentary by Kevin Annett called “Unrepentant”. It discloses the barbaric genocide of the indigenous peoples by the forced Christian boarding schools in Canada. While watching this video was disturbing and painful, it has turned me to look into Native American spirituality and philosophy. It is helping me. I still label myself as an atheist, but there are many ways we can view our worlds. Whatever is causing your anger, I hope for your own sake you can find solace.

  3. Damn right I’m angry, angry at the 12 years I spent in forced government schools and angry about the ten years I wasted immediately after thinking school could teach anyone anything. The residential schools were of course a disaster and I’d love to hear a podcast on them. I disagree with your assessment of my anger. I’m not angry, I’m honest. I am a disenfranchised middle aged person who can’t afford taxes, or put my kids in the school system it funds and I look around and I hear passive aggressive bullshit like “you’re angry.” I have many first hand experiences with residential school victims and like anything else, there are some awful nuns, priests and teachers and some great ones. They’re no different than regular people, when given too much power and encouraged to use it to decimate a culture, they did so…. poorly.

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