Podcast #265: Running On A Treadmill (On the Train Tracks) – Inside Public School Politics


An optional show about the bitter morass of public school politics. I recently was a guest on the Keene-based Black Sheep Rising, with Darryl Perry and Conan Salada. Conan and Darryl have been involved in a effort to control school spending and the power of the local school board. It isn't going well.

Bumper Music:
"Nighttime In the Switching Yard" Warren Zevon
"Da Rockwilder" Method Man and Red Man
"Shakedown Street" The Grateful Dead

Look Closer:
Origins and Purpose of "No Child Left Behind" - http://www.educationanddemocracy.org/Emery/Emery_NCLB.htm

A SHORT ANGRY HISTORY OF AMERICAN FORCED SCHOOLING - http://4brevard.com/choice/Public_Education.htm

Keene voters amend several articles, leave proposed school district budget total unchanged - http://www.sentinelsource.com/news/local/keene-voters-amend-several-articles-leave-proposed-school-district-budget/article_b5e542ed-4244-5606-b177-77e402c25b7c.html

Sentinel Editorial: School officials outmanned, outfoxed Free Keeners - http://www.sentinelsource.com/opinion/editorial/school-officials-outmanned-outfoxed-free-keeners/article_ba336b48-e78a-5311-8839-d9fd3790ba5f.html


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  1. Darryl and Conan along with anyone else wishing to participate in these types of forums should commit Robert’s rules of order to memory and practice them. The reason this is important is that this little guidebook governs public deliberations and civil functioning of the state. It also allows those who know the rules to call those who don’t “out of order” and disregard anything that person says or does. In today’s public committees pretty much everyone is out of order and that allows the legal types who know these rules to appear to bend them to favor whoever they want. You must also invest time in transcoding your words using Black’s law dictionary. This is because laws must use words of art to pass legal muster, and failing to use the proper words of art will leave your warrants open to outright dismissal or rewording.

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