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  1. I would like to ask Thaddeus to go into more detail about the nuclear family. Should we be living in extended families? How can we get back to a balance in our culture? In our culture we don’t live with our extended families but we also need support raising our children, how do we go about creating an extended family without actually moving in together? I would also like to ask him about sexuality. Is it preferable to be in an “open” relationship? What is wrong with monogamy? When you have kids with someone, I would think that having an open relationship may confuse the children. Basically I would love to hear more about nuclear families vs. extended families and about the role sexuality plays in a healthy culture.

  2. I imagine this will cause anxiety, but I think there are unresolved “loose ends” concerning the dreaded NAP, from the last call-in show. It seemed the debate came down to the NAP vs. self-interest. One implicit loop-hole which was glaring to me in the last discussion was when Thaddeus gave the example of what he “tells his son.” That being, “. . .I tell my son not to hit other kids, because he’ll get hit back. . . self-interest!”

    So, in Thaddeus’s definition of self-interest, if (using his example again) his son thought he could hit someone, and get away with it (i.e. a disabled, or similar child who could not defend themselves), would this action be acceptable? If not, would he please clarify or pin down his definition of “self-interest.”

    Thank you!

  3. Clearly, the hookers and alcohol of revolutionary america cost money. So those who partook of those pleasures had to be working somewhere to support those activities. Why wasn’t that level of productivity enough for those we call the founding fathers? Was it wanted merely because they more to tax?

    During one of the shows, you pointed out that people don’t exercise because they are rebelling against being forced to go to pe class. But, that seems a bit short sighted given that sex is much better if you have the stamina for it and dancing for four hours is more fun than dancing for merely one.

    Is there historical evidence of the puritans standing in the way of the implementation of labor saving devices that would reduce the time required for labor and increase the time available for leisure? It seems there should be if doing work was an end unto itself.

    While it is true that companies do spend quite a bit of money finding out what consumers want, quite a bit of money has also be spent to dumb down consumers so that in the words of Homer Simpson “I don’t have to know what I want, the tv will tell me.” In addition to the dumbing down, many products create an either psychological or physical need to continue consuming it. Cigarettes and fast food come to mind as examples. Isn’t it more complicated than just the consumer chooses what they want? In many areas you options are constrained because either they don’t exist like in elections, ingredients in the product create barriers to shifting away from it, or the full side effects are hidden from the consumer’s view.

  4. Are You A Leg, Breast Or Thigh Man?

  5. why is America named America?

  6. Two questions/comments about modern day renegades:

    What does Thad think of the 3d printed gun and the silk road and the reaction to them (esp from politicians and progressives, Philli banning 3d printed guns for exmaple). Are these the modern day renegades? But it seems like there is a difference in that Cody Wilson and DPR are concious of their rebellion and the effect it they want it to have.

    I think that a modern version of Thad’s old timey renegades are the digital pirates. They overcame the moralising about “you wouldn’t steal a car so you shouldn’t steal music”. They didn’t really care about the morality of their actions, they just wanted music and movies that were just a few clicks away. ie instant pleasure/gratification. They sort of led the way perhaps unknowingly to the P2P revolution, the reshaping of the music industry and even to stuff like bitcoin.

    Looking forward to the interview.

  7. I would like to ask Thaddeus about libertarians and intellectuals. Is it ethical to work for a uni and apply for federal grants to fund your work? What would his ex-colleagues have thought if he brought it up, and is he happier being outside of academia now, financially or otherwise? What would you say about a smart person who can’t find a position at an R1 uni and now feels depressed about it?

    Background notes for the question:

    Story of a very depressed former academic:

    Why Do Intellectuals Favor Government Solutions:

  8. My question comes from my thoughts on the last Q&A with Thadeus.
    My opinion is that stealing is always bad practice because of the golden rule of property rights (or the NAP) reguardless of how big the group is you’re stealing from, how many handouts they recieve from the state, or whether you get caught doing it. 
    Thadeus claimed that his only problem with stealing is in cases where it does not serve your self interest in that you may get caught in which case future trade with that person or organization would be impossible or limited. But then he claims its okay steal from large corporations such as Walmart because they recieve corporate handouts from the state. Let’s put aside the fact that it’s in Walmart’s self interest to accept these handouts and instead explore which place you’re better off stealing from based purely on self interest: Walmart or your locally-owner corner store. 
    If you are caught stealing from the small business the only cost is that you can’t shop there. Worst case scenerio the word spreads among business owners, you have a poor reputation in this limited sphere of perhaps your town, and you have to move to another town. If you get caught stealing from a large chain like Walmart and tarnish your reputation with them you are worse off than in the other example because Walmart is everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re blacklisted by Walmart you are arguably much worse off than if you can no longer shop at Bob’s discount beverages. So by Thadeus’s logic, wouldn’t you be better off stealing from small businesses because of their limited influence than a big corportation like Walmart?

  9. Capitalism is a statist economic system. Discuss.

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