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Latest Podcasts

April, 2014

  • 28 April

    Podcast #281: Ben Stone (2 of 2): Diminishing the Market Demand For Government

    Ben Stone returns for another discussion about the past, present and future of the philosophy of liberty. Ben is the host of the Bad Quaker podcast. Discussed: -going underground -agorism: ignore government, don't protest it -specializaton in liberty activism -making the moral argument -making the practical argument -making money -assisting government on its path to self-destruction -winning hearts and minds -deal with individuals -government is not the enemy; it's the myth Bumper Music: Rush - "Closer to the Heart"

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  • 17 April

    Podcast #278: Ben Stone (1 of 2): Creating A Market Demand For Liberty

    Ben Stone joins me for a discussion about the past, present and future of the philosophy of liberty. Ben is the host of the Bad Quaker podcast. Discussed: -Ben's journey to liberty through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood -the genesis of the "Bad Quaker" -The costs and benefits of civil disobedience -Mandela, Gandhi, MLK -Creating a market for liberty -Don't fight the government -why force fails -when learning is properly defined, school is clearly unnatural Bumper Music: Widespread Panic - "Little Lilly" Widespread Panic - "Time Zones"

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  • 15 April

    Podcast #277: Michael Dean Didn’t Like School, and Vice Versa

    Michael W. Dean joins me for some casual conversation. Michael is the host of the popular Freedom Feens radio show and Michael Dean After Dark, as well as an author and a film maker. -What's so scary about Ray Kurzweil -Reading Michael's disciplinary reports -Making the arts more accessible, removing gatekeepers -Why do young people reject libertarianism -Going to college -Reverence for authors and scientists -Khan Academy vs. teachers -The "defective" label and treatment -Brett's teaching history -Do statists have the potential to be reached? -Are we in competition with each other? Look Closer: D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist -

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Supporter-Only Content

August, 2013

  • 22 August

    Pre-Show 8-22-13

    (A/V CLUB) Related PostsCorbett Report After-Show 5-19-12Tags: tony, myers, grove, richard, a/vPresence and Productivity Out-takes (MP3, 15 minutes) 8-22-13Tags: myers, tony, grove, richard, a/vAfter School Sucks Special 8-22-13Tags: richard, grove, myers, tony, club, a/vPodcast #241 Unedited: Listener Question - Where Are Gatto's Footnotes?Tags: a/v, club, myers, tony, grove, richardPresence and Productivity (Parts 1 and 2, Raw Video)Tags: a/v, club, tony, myers, grove, richard

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  • 22 August

    Pre-Show 8-16-13

    With Kevin Cole, preparation for podcast #236 (Live): Historical Research Methods, Historiography, and Historicity Related Posts[BONUS] Drive Journal – Day 14Tags: kevin, cole, a/v

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  • 14 August

    Pre-Show 08-08-13 (with Paul Verge)

    (A/V CLUB) What makes a cult?

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John Taylor Gatto

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Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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