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Latest Podcasts

June, 2014

  • 18 June

    Podcast #293: A Valedictorian Reflects On Her Experiences With “Playing School”

    With Darrell Becker and his daughter, Cypress Ellen Cypress has probably the most diverse educational and schooling experience of any guest we've ever had. She began in Montessori school, then spent six years in public school. There, she discovered that she preferred home schooling. And after two years at home, she moved on to a "Progressive" schooling environment. Today she joins me and Darrell in the studio to share her experiences and reflections. Look Closer: Darrell's Site: Voluntary Visions - Cypress's Art Blog: shortakun -

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  • 11 June

    Podcast #291: FREE A/V – Presence and Productivity Series Out-Takes (August 2013)

    A new feature: Twice monthly, School Sucks will release a piece of premium content in the podcast feed. You can access hundreds of hours of additional audio and video by signing up for the A/V Club. Today's release is the out-takes from our series Presence and Productivity, with Richard Grove and Tony Myers. This audio includes some valuable review of David Allen's Getting Things Done method. Look Closer: David Allen, Getting Things Done - The Trivium method - - Related PostsPresence and Productivity (Parts 1 and 2, Raw Video)Tags: a/v, club, video, productivity, presence, tony, myers, grove, richard, gtd

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  • 9 June

    Podcast #290: The Hazards of Disconnection – Two Conversations and An Article (With Darrell Becker, Mark Edge and Ian Freeman)

    A very long, winding, rather personal, lightly edited show addressing the dangers of social isolation and interpersonal disconnection. It expands into other topics from there. Outline: Opening Monologue (START-0:06:59) Free Talk Live warm-up discussion on isolation (0:07:00-0:33:30) Reading/discussing the articleHow Extreme Isolation Warps the Mind (0:33:30-1:09:45) Further discussion With Darrell Becker (1:09:45-END) Discussion: -Calm through context -Isolation diminishes our standards for connection -Positive and negative experiences with psychedelics -Asocial vs. antisocial -From cynicism to social isolation -How romantic relationships can take us away from ourselves -Darrell investigates the Free Keene conflict and attempts to connect -Gratitude -Using logical and emotional tools -When people become abstractions -The island of the individual -Illusions of balance in life -Compliments and their motivations -Brett's ...

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Supporter-Only Content

August, 2013

  • 29 August

    Pre-Show 8-29-13

    (A/V CLUB) Tony and I prepare to record Presence and Productivity Parts 3, 4, and 5. Related PostsPresence and Productivity (Raw Video, Parts 3, 4, and 5)Tags: a/v, club, parts, productivity, presence, myers, tonyPresence and Productivity Out-Takes (MP3, 38 minutes) 8-29-13Tags: myers, tony, productivity, presence, a/v[BONUS] Drive Journal – Day 5Tags: tony, myers, a/vPre-Show 8-22-13Tags: club, a/v, pre-show, myers, tonyCorbett Report After-Show 5-19-12Tags: tony, myers, a/v

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  • 24 August

    Hacky Sack 8-24-13

    Related PostsPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 5-31-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 7-26-12Tags: a/vShit Has Gone Too Far (Bonus Content Preview)Tags: a/vPre-Show 5-24-12Tags: a/v

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  • 22 August

    After School Sucks Special 8-22-13

    (A/V CLUB) Lots of fitness and nutrition talk. Was al Qaeda based on Wile E. Coyote from Looney Toons? With Richard Grove and Tony Myers. Related PostsPre-Show 8-22-13Tags: club, a/v, myers, tony, grove, richardCorbett Report After-Show 5-19-12Tags: tony, myers, grove, richard, a/vPresence and Productivity Out-takes (MP3, 15 minutes) 8-22-13Tags: myers, tony, grove, richard, a/vPodcast #241 Unedited: Listener Question - Where Are Gatto's Footnotes?Tags: a/v, club, myers, tony, grove, richardPresence and Productivity (Parts 1 and 2, Raw Video)Tags: a/v, club, tony, myers, grove, richard

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CORE TOPIC - Why does school suck?

John Taylor Gatto

CORE TOPIC - What does self-directed education look like?

Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

Welcome to We strive to provide young people with the building blocks of intellectual, financial and lifestyle independence. This includes in-depth explorations into higher-level thinking, organization and productivity, emotional and physical health, habit and lifestyle optimization, history and philosophy, psychology, self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, and communication/negotiation strategies. It's all essential information, but almost none of it is taught in school. Our content is ideal for frustrated high school and college students, home-educating parents, and adults who are interested in independently furthering their education and achieving self-actualization.