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February, 2020

  • 28 February

    [preview] The Disturbing Sexualization of Young People

    Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. Our bonus show this week (AUTONOMY Mastermind) can't be previewed here, so instead enjoy this related audio from our archives. The Mastermind - Pilot Episode - "PodcastMasterMind" Released on June 3rd, 2018 on Patreon, A/V Club and SubscribeStar. Direct Links: Description: (AUDIO, 126 MINUTES) Fellow Podcastmasters Osborne and Gardner join Brett to launch The Mastermind. These shows will typically begin with a "pain point," which is a pressing problem of a personal, professional, political, cultural or educational nature. A rotating group of ...

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  • 26 February

    Career Launch Stories (Episode 1) – Cameron Sorsby [PODCAST #645]

    What can a career look like for someone who overcomes the permission mentality and cuts their own path? This is a new monthly series I'll be co-hosting with my friend, previous guest, and Praxis graduate Nick Rundlett. Career Launch Stories takes our opt-out-of-college conversation out of the abstract and into the personal. Our first story is told by Nick's fellow Praxis Alum and the current Praxis CEO, Cameron Sorsby. The format for these conversations: 1. What is your educational experience? 2. How and why did you make the decision to seek an alternate path? 3. What are the most valuable wisdom gained from that alternative path? 4. To what pursuits is that wisdom currently being applied? The downloadable version of ...

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  • 21 February

    [preview] The More, the More. – The Discomfort Zone (s03e05)

    Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. The Discomfort Zone (s03e05) The More, the More. Releasing on Friday 2/21/20 on Patreon, A/V Club and SubscribeStar. The continued story of Andrew's impossible life. Options and opportunities abound, and more opportunities are knocking on his door. But on the other side of that door is a house languishing in a state of unfinish. That can be taken literally or figuratively. Brett's life is great, btw. Get the full episode: Support Us The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is now available. ...

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  • 19 February

    The Honest Teacher Speaks (Part 2 of 2) [PODCAST #644]

    A long and long-overdue chat with the man behind the popular (15K followers) Facebook page, The Honest Teacher. The discussion is split into two parts, so make sure you saw part one! Today we discuss - how labels disable (continued) - writing IEPs and executive functioning issues - how Common Core cronyism connects to my conversations with Dave Smith and Pete Quinones from last week - remediation as it was discussed in the Outcome-Based Education revelations of Peg Luksik - where's it at now? - unprecedented teacher turnover: why it's happening and what it means for students - an expansion on why The Honest Teacher uses the phrase "Orwellian nightmare" - What is the mission and the future of The ...

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September, 2019

August, 2019

  • 27 August

    [BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s02e14) – On Purpose

    Young Alex is back in the Studio of Champ-yinz and we're talking about finding a purpose. Alex is 26 years old (or young) and he feels like his life is missing definition. But is that missing definition really a problem at this point? And how fluid will that definition be over the next five to ten years? Brett and Andrew give conflicting advice and then argue about it, Also discussed: forming habits, retreating to a comfort zone, practicing gratitude, achieving freedom, and acknowledging (and overcoming) your limitations. Don't see the player? Click HERE

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  • 22 August

    [BONUS] In Pursuit of Utopia – Episode 3 – Noble Lies

    Daniel McCarthy and I continue on monthly discussion on the history of Utopian visions and their consequences. In this episode: "The development from Aquinas through Locke and Newton represents more than four hundred years of stumbling, tortuous, prodigious effort to secularize the Western mind, i.e., to liberate man from the medieval shackles. It was the buildup toward a climax: the eighteenth century, the Age of Enlightenment. For the first time in modern history, an authentic respect for reason became the mark of an entire culture; the trend that had been implicit in the centuries-long crusade of a handful of innovators now swept the West explicitly, reaching and inspiring educated men in every field. Reason, for so long the wave of ...

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  • 8 August

    [BONUS] Picture of the Month Club – August 2019 – The King of Comedy

    Installment #2 (AUDIO, 160 MINUTES) Dutch and Brett dive extremely deep into Martin Scorsese's obscure 1982...comedy? Not exactly. The King Of Comedy is a dark and uncomfortable film, very difficult to watch in many parts. It stars Robert de Niro as a troubled loner obsessed with the idea of fame. But why? What's driving him? And what price is he willing to pay to achieve what he thinks he wants? While de Niro received minimal praise for his portrayal of Ruppert Pupkin, Martin Scorsese commented that he believed it to be de Niro's best performance in any of their collaborations. Also explored is the psychology of Ruppert, and his connections to other tortured protagonists like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver ...

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CORE TOPIC - Why does school suck?

John Taylor Gatto

CORE TOPIC - What does real learner-driven education look like?

Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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