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February, 2011

  • 25 February

    080: Persuasion, Prussia, and the Purpose of Education (SAT Writing Class Rant)

    PICTURE: Friedrich Nietzsche had eyebrows, mustaches, and ideas that all eventually grew out of control. In my SAT class last Saturday (2-19-11), a student pulled out an interesting essay question: "Is the purpose of education to change the world?" At this point, I was compelled to tell a story. Bumper Music: "Room At the Top" Adam Ant Look Closer: Nietzsche's Superman The Übermensch and the Nazis AGAINST SCHOOL: How public education cripples our kids, and why, By John Taylor Gatto Society and the Individual in Nietzsche's The Will to Power

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November, 2010

  • 19 November

    070: What You’ve Been Missing!

    Today's guests are Richard Grove, Jan Irvin, and Paul Verge: three friends, independent media creators, collaborators, and School Sucks listeners who have teamed up to produce a new You Tube series called What You've Been Missing. From What You've Been Missing was created to fill the massive gap created by corporate media, between itself and reality. A virtual variety show with a point, WYBM helps you learn how to outgrow the status quo; through a systematic process of critical thinking supplemented with comedy. In addition to discussing this superb new project, we also explore the lost art of real learning and critical thinking, self-esteem, the deceptive power of language, and the people who lurk in the shadows of state ...

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  • 13 November

    069: A History Teacher Walks Away…(Addendum)

    Addendum: This part was cut out of the conversation but I thought it was worth hearing. Topic: Today I discuss collective and authoritarian schooling with a veteran teacher who walked away from the public school setting just four weeks into his new job. Rich Nastro explains why he did this, and what he saw while he was there. Please Vote! Nominations close on November, 21st. Podcast Awards: 2010 Nominations are Now Open!

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  • 8 November

    068: A History Teacher Walks Away From Government School (2 of 2)

    ...quickly PART 2: Is Anyone Learning About Economics In School? Anyone? Topic: Today I discuss collective and authoritarian schooling with a veteran teacher who walked away from the public school setting just four weeks into his new job. Rich Nastro explains why he did this, and what he saw while he was there. We'll Discuss... -The lies of government school history (every crisis is presented as a problem of too much freedom) -Voting -Family to schooling to Citizenship -The success of Government school (in service to evil) -Propaganda: Mixing the good with the evil -If force comes first, it doesn't matter what happens next -Erica Goldson -The National Debt: it's for the pay -Central planning of the economy, the ...

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May, 2013

  • 27 May

    After School Sucks Special 5-16-13

    Jeff Bliss update - the dangers of sugar-free candies - Shameless - names that are ruined forever by the people who had them - corn substitutes - low-carb pita recipes - interactions with the chat Related PostsAfter School Sucks Special 8-2-13Tags: chat, sucks, special, school, a/vHacky Sack 8-24-13Tags: a/vPre-Show 7-26-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 8-2-12Tags: a/v

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  • 26 May

    Outtakes From Podcast #220 (MP3/36 minutes)

    (A/V CLUB) With Osborne and Andre. Racism in porn - Kokesh's March - History Questions - Political debate stories - Job Requirements...and more. Related PostsPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 7-26-12Tags: a/vPre-Show 5-31-12Tags: a/vHacky Sack 8-24-13Tags: a/vPreshow 9-20-12Tags: a/v

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  • 26 May

    Pre-Show 5-16-13

    Moving sucks - Plato's Cave - Human Race Classifications? - Game of Thrones Updates - ADHD and Adderall Related PostsPre-Show 5-9-13Tags: game, thrones, pre-show, a/vPre-Show 5-31-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 7-26-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 8-2-12Tags: pre-show, a/v

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  • 23 May

    After School Sucks Special 5-23-13

    Bitcoin talk - Esperanto vs. Klingon - Marc Maron - Errol Flynn, MGM and other movie trivia - TED Talk: Why You Should Love Government - the future of Game of Thrones - a review of Star Trek: Into Darkness - Lil' Dicky Related PostsAfter School Sucks Special (mp3) 5-23-13Tags: talk, trivia, ted, love, movie, government, flynn, mgm, errol, futurePre-Show 5-9-13Tags: game, thrones, a/vPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: talk, a/vPre-Show 5-17-12Tags: talk, a/vAfter School Sucks Special (MP3) 8-30-12Tags: talk, sucks, special, school, a/v

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The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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