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Latest Podcasts

April, 2018

  • 6 April

    How A Teen Took Control of His Own Life – Matt Maruca, Part Two [PODCAST #555]

    This is the continuation of Matt's awesome story about what is possible when a young person embraces personal responsibility and self-directed, real-world education. In today's conversation, Matt continues to discuss his health research and how the Bosnia trip was a catalyst for more learning. I learn about Mitochondrial health, sunlight and Vitamin D, dangers of our unnatural environment, cold therapy and cold thermogenesis, reducing blue light exposure and maintaining a healthy biological rhythm. Matt used his research to start a successful business: Ra Optics Previous Shows In this Series: [PODCAST] #553: How A Teen Took Control of His Own Life (Matt Maruca, Part One) [PODCAST] #554: “Face It” – Q&A (Matt Maruca, Interlude) Background: In the midst of my growing ...

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  • 4 April

    [PODCAST] #554: “Face It” – Q&A (Matt Maruca, Interlude)

    Matt Maruca began his self-education journey at age 13. In middle school Matt began seeking answers to a variety of chronic ailments, discovered the joys of self-directed learning and never looked back. After realizing and harnessing his efficacy and abilities, he found school to be an almost intolerable obstacle to his education. In this interlude between the two parts of Matt's story he asks my advice on a few topics. Question #1: Matt is learning more about politics and philosophy and wants to share these ideas with friends. What's the best approach? What framing errors should be avoided? How do we get ideological opponents to look at their own ideas critically? We talk about communication, persuasion, shame, compassion and the ...

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  • 2 April

    [PODCAST] #553: How A Teen Took Control of His Own Life (Matt Maruca, Part One)

    Many of you are going to learn a lot this week. And your teacher is eighteen years old. This is an amazing story (told in three parts) of what is possible when a young person embraces personal responsibility and self-directed, real-world education. In the midst of my growing frustration about things like #MarchForOurLives and the misleading of young people, I received relief and some hope in the form of an email. It opened: "I am 18 and have been watching your show for over a year. It has helped me tremendously in my process of deciding not to attend college, starting on my own business, and becoming financially independent at age 18. If you happen to have some time ever, ...

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Supporter-Only Content

January, 2016

  • 31 January

    SSP Productivity Month! (January 2016)

    All episodes this are intended as reviews, updates and expansions on our 2013 series Presence and Productivity. Covered: -Overcoming self-defeating attitudes -Monetizing a media project -Cultivating and maintaining gratitude -Define goals, milestones, habits, "next actions" -The mistakes we've made with goals -Breaking out of a comfort zone -School's impact on attitudes about goals -The magic of checklists -David Allen's Self-Management Matrix [PODCAST] #401: Setting and Achieving Goals (1 of 2) – Attitudes, Obstacles and Mistakes Nathan Fraser from Anarcho-Preneur Podcast joins me to discuss how to set and accomplish our goals. This is an introduction to a coming discussion about more specific tips and strategies. Click here to view those episodes. [PODCAST] #402: Setting and Achieving Goals (2 of 2) ...

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  • 27 January

    [BONUS] Behind the Scenes – Solving Audio Problems

    A 10-minute video walk-through of the School Sucks studio.

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December, 2015

CORE TOPIC - Why does school suck?

John Taylor Gatto

CORE TOPIC - What does self-directed education look like?

Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

Welcome to We strive to provide young people with the building blocks of intellectual, financial and lifestyle independence. This includes in-depth explorations into higher-level thinking, organization and productivity, emotional and physical health, habit and lifestyle optimization, history and philosophy, psychology, self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, and communication/negotiation strategies. It's all essential information, but almost none of it is taught in school. Our content is ideal for frustrated high school and college students, home-educating parents, and adults who are interested in independently furthering their education and achieving self-actualization.