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August, 2013

  • 16 August

    234: Meanwhile, In East Germany… (Brett on the Accelerated Learning Program)

    This is my recent appearance on the ALP Live Show. Hosts Ali and Ellen invited me to discuss the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. About ALP: Join Ali & Ellen in a journey in self-education and personal intellectual empowerment. Live on LRN.FM from 11:00PM - 1:00AM Eastern. Please like their show on Facebook. The Arconym ALP changes weekly. During my show it stood for "Accelerated Learning Program." Look Closer: WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION, by Antony Sutton - Antony Sutton - Iron Curtain Overview - 10. United States House Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (Reece Committee) (Cox Committee) - 10. The Red Scare Overview - 25. Tragedy and Hope: ...

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May, 2013

  • 19 May

    218: School Vs. Education – With Jeff Bliss

    My conversation with Jeff Bliss, the Duncanville High School sophomore who spoke out against the spirit-crushing and mind-numbing monotony of public schooling. Covered: -Jeff Bliss imposters? -The history and agenda of public school -John Dewey -Ron Paul and media manipulation -John Taylor Gatto -the proper Alex Jones dosage -collectivism and using "we" -the futility of reform -the GED and college Bumper Music: Geto Boys, "G Code (Instrumental)" Look Closer: Jeff Bliss Video: Texas High School Student Demands An Education - - A SHORT ANGRY HISTORY OF AMERICAN FORCED SCHOOLING - The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto (Chapter 12 - The Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede, Section 15 - The General Education ...

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  • 16 May

    217: A Smorgasbord of Topics With Dan Carlin

    A long-awaited and frequently-requested discussion with Dan Carlin, the host of the Common Sense and Hardcore History podcasts. Dan was one of the first podcasters I ever listened to on a regular basis. Some of what we discussed: -What happened to the media? -Narrow-casting -Dan's transition from radio to podcasting, how did that happen? -The process for producing Hardcore History -Is history shaped more by philosophy/prevailing ideologies or by accidents/wildcard events? -The dreaded Nazi questions: could happen here? Is it happening here? -An American way to fascism? -Civil Libertarianism vs total libertarianism (personal and economic) -Can we expect to maintain civil liberties with stricter economic controls? -What kinds of people are attracted to political power? -The problems with and politics ...

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April, 2013

  • 27 April

    212: A Modern History of Youth Bashing – With Mike Males

    Author, sociologist and outspoken youth advocate Mike Males joins me share his insights on the social, political and cultural problem of blaming, shaming and framing youth. I have referenced his work several times in the past, and it was a pleasure to have him on the show. Questions/Discussion topics: -Genesis and purpose of your work: -Have you examined this problem of scapegoating youth in other cultures? -Trends you've noticed? Ebbs and flows? Is this attack on youth getting more intense? -Is a lot of this problem attributable to the win-lose environment of politics? -The generalized fear of change -The selfish and myopic Baby-boomers -Loss of empathy for their child self -"age-dualism" -How does your political outlook inform your work? -profitability ...

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March, 2014

  • 12 March

    Brett and Wes: Self-Assertiveness Pre-Show

    (A/V Club) Carbs and diet - porn and Ecstasy - focusing energy - Stef's Single Mothers video - Wes: "How to enrich your life as a single mom and defy the grim statistics!" - Brett is excited about a trip to Arizona Related PostsBulletproof Diet vs., Fun Recipes and More (with Wes)Tags: brett, a/v, club, wes, diet, video, bertrand, nutrition

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  • 12 March

    Derrick J – Liberty Forum Pre-Show

    (A/V Club) Some loose banter with Derrick and Osborne before our chat for the podcast. Related PostsLiberty Forum Recap and Review (MP3)Tags: forum, liberty, a/v, club, osborne, jasonLet's Ask OsborneTags: osborne, club, a/v, chat, jasonBonus Show: Listener Participation Live Show (MP3)Tags: a/v, club, osborne, jason

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February, 2014

CORE TOPIC - Why does school suck?

John Taylor Gatto

CORE TOPIC - What does real learner-driven education look like?

Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

Welcome to We strive to provide young people with the building blocks of intellectual, financial and lifestyle independence. This includes in-depth explorations into higher-level thinking, organization and productivity, emotional and physical health, habit and lifestyle optimization, history and philosophy, psychology, self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, and communication/negotiation strategies. It's all essential information, but almost none of it is taught in school. Our content is ideal for frustrated high school and college students, home-educating parents, and adults who are interested in independently furthering their education and achieving self-actualization.