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April, 2020

  • 13 April

    Kerry McDonald – The Silver Linings of Mass (forced) “Home Schooling” [PODCAST #650]

    Kerry McDonald is back again to discuss what numerous mainstream media outlets have apparently decided to call "home schooling." What they're all talking about is the forced distance learning brought about by the country's current health crisis. But even the term "distance learning" is perhaps too kind; we're talking about "distance schooling," where many of the impositions of school have been driven even further into the home and the family. Is a media campaign underway to connect the current inconveniences, fears and frustrations to the idea and practice of home education? If the answer is yes, it has been a resounding success so far; according to Google Trends the term "home schooling" reached peak popularity in March 2020. Its previous ...

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  • 10 April

    [preview] Origins of Utopian Socialism and American Public Schooling

    Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. (FULL AUDIO: 99 MINUTES) In Pursuit of Utopia (Episode 8) New Harmony, Part 2 What was the ideal for New Harmony, as well as what life was actually like there. What was the theory? How was it practiced? Education at New Harmony: Last time we discussed his philosophy of "love" super-ceding classical instruction, concluding that Pestalozzi (while he might have meant well) developed a "soft-power" approach to education, which then came to New Harmony via F.J.N. Neef. We discuss how exactly that system of ...

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  • 9 April

    Back To “Normal” – A Debate [PODCAST #649]

    Is it hysterical to say that C0VID and the government response will amount to 9/11 x 10? I didn't think so on Sunday, but I'm already re-evaluating that statement. So here is the debate that I mentioned in my conversation with Tom Woods, where I wasn't thrilled with my performance (or anyone else's). But I'm interested in your thoughts. Also, this is very optional listening! This show contains cynicism, very strong language, and some speculation. This was on the comedy podcast I do (this isn't funny though) called Portmansheau. Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Thanks to your support. School Sucks is one of the longest running liberty-minded podcasts on the web, and the only one completely devoted ...

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  • 7 April

    “Hi. How Are You?” (agitated) – Tom Woods

    I am all for taking reasonable precautions and keeping an eye on this virus. And we can discuss which methods more effectively preserve biological life. But is mere biological life worth living? If people's hopes, dreams, and aspirations are all dashed for an indefinite period of time, is that living? "Probably no mass gatherings for a long time." How long? And what are "mass gatherings"? Oh, just concerts, theater, lectures, church, sporting events, the arts in general -- pretty much everything that makes life worth living. The kind of "life" all this portends has a pulse, yes, but no soul. - Tom Woods, April 4th

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February, 2020

  • 16 February

    [BONUS] In Pursuit of Utopia (Episode 7) – “New Harmony”

    (AUDIO, 135 minutes) with Danny McCarthy and Kevin Cole. The New Harmony  story includes interesting and largely unknown roots of both American compulsory  schooling and socialism.  In the Richard Grove/John Gatto clip that opens the show, you'll notice some nice tie-ins to our previous podcasts this week . Outline: How does Robert Owen's system (called by Marx and Engels "utopian socialism") compare to Marx and Engel's system (called by them "scientific socialism")? How are they similar? Was Owenite socialism consistent with the ideals of the Enlightenment? In other words, is it fair to say that socialism is just as much a product of Enlightenment rationalism as is American republicanism? Just as the religious utopias are reminiscent of the Puritan colonies, ...

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January, 2020

  • 30 January

    [BONUS] Picture of the Month Club – American Psycho

    Look in the mirror. Installment #4 (AUDIO, 97 MINUTES) American Psycho was released in 2000, based on a controversial 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis, and set in 1987 Manhattan. Thus, a significant crash quietly looms over all the film's detestable Wall St. yuppie characters. Its focus is a darkly satirical character study of a man who's arc travels from psychopathy to psychosis. Maybe. We'll discuss... - the film's (and book's) motives, message, and impact - its themes of image over identity, conformity, self-denial - its relatable emotions of jealousy, fear, and hopelessness delivered to us through incomprehensible characters - and much more PICTURE OF THE MONTH CLUB is a monthly series featuring Dutch - a delightful, insightful and successful ...

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  • 20 January

    [BONUS] AUTONOMY Mastermind – January 7th, 2020

    Featuring Richard Grove and an unknown number Autonomy students! This is probably my favorite meeting so far. After Rich and I warm up with some Nazi talk... We start with Krista, an academic and an intuitive (you'll learn about what that is) who is struggling with balance and time management. I was captivated and impressed by her story. In hour two, Tyler and I discuss starting a production business and I review the principles of The E-Myth book. In the last 20 minutes I just rant. Related Posts[BONUS] Autonomy Mastermind - November 19th, 2019Tags: autonomy, bonus, learn, time, tyler, hour, students, mastermind, featuring, richard[BONUS] AUTONOMY Mastermind - February 18th, 2020Tags: autonomy, rich, richard, grove, featuring, bonus, mastermind, students, warm, discuss

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December, 2019

  • 16 December

    [BONUS] Autonomy Mastermind – December 3rd, 2019

    Featuring Richard Grove and 14 Autonomy students! Today I pose a series of discussion questions to the group: What did you first see, hear, read or experience that alerted you there was still lot to learn about how the world worked around you? Or that your map of the world was entirely wrong? What took you from drifting to seeking? What steps did you take? How did your journey unfold? Where did you get stuck along the way? I explain my goals with these questions more completely at the beginning of the audio. This prompt inspired the most challenging and rewarding Autonomy Mastermind meeting so far. I really wish everyone could hear this one. Huge thanks to Tyler, Martin, Cameron, ...

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