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John Taylor Gatto - The Underground History of American Education
Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

Latest Podcast

May, 2018

  • 24 May

    Star Wars Double Feature [PODCAST #565 – FREE A/V]

    I have some announcements about content and travel. And I have attached a couple Star Wars-related audios from the bonus section for your enjoyment. 1. [BONUS] How To Star Wars – Rogue One and A New Order Recorded December 18th, 2016 (1 hour, 8 minutes) Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn ( join me in-studio for a live discussion about Star Wars Rogue One and the broader Star Wars universe. Is there a better order than Machete Order or Episode Order to watch all eight films? How do Brian and I rank all eight films (you might be surprised!!) And why does Stephanie dislike Star Wars? 2. [BONUS] The After School Sucks Special Recorded November 1, 2012 (23 minutes) Disney is ...

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Latest Premium Content

June, 2017

  • 29 June

    [BONUS] Brett and Andrew’s Teen Saga, Parts 1-3

    (AUDIO, 2 HOURS, 30 MINUTES) Brett begins Jordan Peterson's Past Authoring exercises and wants to talk about it. In this session (Parts 1-3) Brett and his dear friend Andrew discuss the exciting, regretful, awkward and erotic times of their wonder years. Many teen firsts are explored: smooches, loves, pornos, heartbreaks, "second bases," etc... This is an ongoing series. Direct link HERE. The genesis of "Brett and Andrew's Teen Saga" From Puke and Gang Episode 285 "First Dancing Boner" Recorded June 10th 2017. Direct link HERE

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  • 29 June

    [BONUS] Getting Married? With Julia Tourianski

    (AUDIO, 55 MINUTES) Brett and Julia discuss dating, family and her embrace of traditionalism. Recorded at Porcfest Friday night into Saturday morning. Direct link HERE

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The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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