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November, 2016

  • 9 November

    [PODCAST] #458: The Enemy of My Enemy Is…My New Enemy – Election Livestream (With Kevin Geary and Gardner Goldsmith)

    "Election livestream?! Conformist." Maybe more like a multi-topic hangout loosely inspired by the fact that an election was taking place in the background. Our goal was to provide some sanity on election night, but unfortunately we would ultimately be overtaken by the complete, unavoidable insanity of the night and morning. Thanks again to Kevin Geary and Gardner Goldsmith for their endurance. DISCUSSION: -Exit polls: strong leaders are the top voter priority? -Voting as moral sanction -Wikileaks: signal to noise ratio was too low -If Donald Trump was a Democrat...oh wait -Kevin predicted Trump - misleading polls vs. actual engagement -George Soros -Much, much, much more... Look Closer: Kevin Geary - Gardner Goldsmith/Libery Conspiracy - Please Support School Sucks ...

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October, 2016

  • 14 October

    [PODCAST] # 455: The Real Challenges of College Diversity – With Professor John Hasnas

    John Hasnas is a professor of business at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business and a professor of law (by courtesy) at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, where he teaches courses in ethics and law. Professor Hasnas is also the executive director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics. He joins me to contrast the lessons of two of his recent articles on two different types of diversity in higher education. 1. The Surprising Obstacle Mizzou and Yale Face in Increasing Diversity - Fortune, November 2015 - 2. The One Kind of Diversity Colleges Avoid - The wall Street Journal, March 2016 - Opening Monologue: Happy Halloween! We're approaching the one-year anniversary of ...

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  • 5 October

    [PODCAST] #453: Ben Settle – Authentic, Ungoverned Self-Promotion (Is Your Duty)

    Ben Settle is very well-known and well-respected Internet marketer and the world leader in email copy writing education. He joins me for a conversation geared towards young entrepreneurs. Topics include asserting and promoting yourself, believing your words have value, breaking the rules of an industry and becoming a new industry leader, why people struggle with authenticity and what to do about it, how Ben helped me overcome certain types of negative self-talk, Ben's path from multi-level marketing frustration to a marketing industry leader, why principles supersede tactics, the sales-averse mindset, how to increase your depth of knowledge, and teaching to learn. Learn more about Ben at Please Support School Sucks Our Amazon Wish List Donate With Bitcoin Or Join ...

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September, 2016

  • 24 September

    [PODCAST] #452: Christina Hoff Sommers – College “Fainting Couch” Feminism vs. “Freedom” Feminism

    This episode is a supplement to our current "Sex-Ed" series. Christina Hoff Sommers is a former philosophy professor who now works as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She is the author of several books including Who Stole Feminism, The War Against Boys, and Freedom Feminism. She has a YouTube channel called "The Factual Feminist." Discussion: - I think the experiences I've had in the last year or so have led to an overly hostile and simplistic view of both academia and feminism. -It's not feminism and it's not academia. The problem is where these two worlds collide - academic authoritarianism - What is feminism to Christina? - Responsibility for uncomfortable emotions - The human need for safety, ...

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January, 2017

  • 11 January

    [BONUS] A Listener Confronts Brett About Empath-Thon, Learns Empathy (Part One)

    (AUDIO, 1 HOUR, 20 MINUTES) Andrew listens to the podcast sometimes. A (self-appointed) representative for right-leaning middle America, Andrew finds himself increasingly irritated by the current political conversation and the SJW left. He wanted to offer me a recorded critique of the Empath-Thon series - he even pulled clips from the shows - and it resulted in one of my favorite productions in the last year. In this audio, while I assert my positions, I also try to play the role of the moderator between my views and what Stephanie and Brian have brought to the table. With Andrew and Puke from Can't see the player? Click HERE.

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August, 2016

  • 11 August

    [BONUS] Self-Esteem Is A Scam? – Wes and Brett Respond

    (AUDIO, 97 MINUTES) Wes and I respond to an episode of the Tom Woods Show called "Crushing the Self-Esteem Scam Like A Bug." The episode features Dr. Michael Edelstein, a clinical psychologist and proponent of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy who has been a critic of the "self-esteem movement" for decades. Edelstein also believes that Branden's work contains serious problems because, in Edelstein's view, it encourages people to engage in self-rating. In this discussion we use: -Edelstein's website -audio from Tom Woods Ep. 543 Crushing the Self-Esteem Scam Like a Bug -transcripts from Tom Woods Ep. 543 Crushing the Self-Esteem Scam Like a Bug -an email exchange between Branden and Edelstein from 2001 RECOMMENDED: Check this out first. If the player doesn't ...

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July, 2016

  • 5 July

    [BONUS] The Dawn of Freedom (Part 6) – Listener Q&A

    The Libertarian Party: what's the point? - Gary Johnson: eaten alive - some fresh ideas for the electoral process - Nick's garden tips - do we have friends who are lefties/progressives? - more on the Alt Right - the angry anarchist phase - favorite liberty media?

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  • 4 July

    [BONUS] The Dawn of Freedom (Part 5) Sunrise Video Tour

    As the sun begins to rise and we begin to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, we leave the studio for a mobile segment. This is a video tour of Rogers Campground, including the vendor section called "Agora Alley" and the main gathering areas. With Davi, Nick, Brett, Darrell and Jeremy. Preview: Full:

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