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John Taylor Gatto - The Underground History of American Education
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Latest Productions

November, 2012

  • 16 November

    173: Autonomy Vs. Authority (Brett On Sex, Lies and Anarchy)

    What are the forces and ideas preventing children from attaining autonomy? Topics: -Child labor laws -Governnment regulation of apprenticeship programs -Emancipation -Age restrictions -The legality of child abuse -Some pretty bad jokes Look Closer: Trashing Teens: Psychologist Robert Epstein argues in a provocative book, "The Case Against Adolescence," that teens are far more competent than we assume G. Stanley Hall: The Inventor of Adolescence

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  • 15 November

    Full Video – 175: Logic Saves Lives Part 7 – Did Stanley Kubrick Help NASA Fake the Moon Landing? I Sure Hope So!

    Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are. Metaphysical Laws 1.Identity 2.Causality 3.Non-Contradiction Topic: An investigation of a very compelling conspiracy theory involving a visionary film maker, the media, the final frontier, the government and a fight against my own confirmation bias. The fallacies covered in this show can all be categorized under Fallacies of Omission, where essential material is left out of an argument or the presenter deliberately misdirects others from crucial information (or lack thereof). This group includes: -The Loaded Question -Stacking the Deck, or Cherry Picking -The Argument From the Negative -The Appeal to Ignorance -Hypothesis Contrary to Fact Also covered: -Backround knowledge, Grammer -Rhetorical Styles ...

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  • 15 November

    Pre-Show 11-15-12

    Preparing for 175: Logic Saves Lives Part 7 - Did Stanley Kubrick Help NASA Fake the Moon Landing? I Sure Hope So! Related PostsPre-Show 8-2-12Tags: preparing, pre-show, a/vPre-Show 9-13-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 5-31-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 7-26-12Tags: pre-show, a/vPre-Show 8-9-12Tags: pre-show, a/v

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The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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