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Latest Podcasts

January, 2021

  • 4 January

    New Habit Installation, With Jacki Dalsimer [PODCAST #694]

    Jacki Dalsimer is well-respected Health Coach and a personal friend of mine. For years we have enjoyed nerding out on different exercise topics, with the expectation she'd eventually visit the show to share some of her wisdom with you. So we decided that January was the ideal time for a conversation about goal-setting and new habit-installation, mostly in a fitness and diet context, but certainly applicable beyond. Related Shows: 238e: Presence and Productivity #5 – Habit Change With Great Time Freedom Comes Great Time Responsibility – A Guide To Block Scheduling [PODCAST #606] Michael Malice On Self-Discipline [PODCAST #559] A Better World Starts With A Clean Bedroom [PODCAST #408] Need some community right now? The downloadable version of The Ideas ...

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December, 2020

  • 21 December

    In My Awareness [PODCAST #692]

    (Exploring Integral Theory, Conclusion, With Wes Bertrand) Today Wes and I will discuss self-integration, and one of the most difficult polarities human beings have to reconcile, but sooner or later we all must do it. Also: - Dan Siegel's and Ken Wilber's insights on the power and practice of awareness - Manolis Kellis: Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything | Lex Fridman Podcast #142 - Human mind and the abstraction layers of reality - our burden of awareness of the whole stack of layers - becoming self aware - being bigger than pain - and much, much more Integral theory is largely focused on consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences. Ken Wilber and other integral theorists ...

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  • 14 December

    2020, The Year In Review – With Scott Hambrick [PODCAST #691]

    Scott Hambrick returns to infuriate probably about half the audience. I wanted Scott's "clear pill" take on our recent "black pill" discussion (in what was supposed to be an Un-iversity-only chat), but we quickly expanded beyond pill heuristics to a reflection on the year and the state of the world. We disagree in several places, as I try to insert optimism where I can, but I also acknowledge that the optimism needs to be focused in the right places. This leads to some examination and autopsy on the so-called liberty movement, politics, and past outreach attempts. We'll also get a running start with a whole history of the pills. * The red pill vs. the blue, a la The Matrix ...

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Supporter-Only Content

December, 2020

  • 31 December

    When All You Have Is A Hammer… (With Pete Quinones) [SUPPLEMENTAL #693]

    (Recorded 12-20-20) Pete and I reconnect to reflect on the how the year played since our last conversation in April. Where were we right? Where were we wrong? What did we overlook? And what have we learned? And what happens next in our world, and beyond? Peter R. Quinones is the co-executive producer of the documentary, “The Monopoly on Violence,” which was released June 1, 2020. He is the host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast and has spoken at Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire. Pete is the managing editor at and is a proponent of Samuel Edward Konkin III’s strategy of agorism. Pete's Podcast: Pete's Site: Pete's Twitter: Music: "1933" Frank Turner ...

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  • 29 December

    The Discomfort Zone (s20e20) Honestly, Here’s What Happened [BONUS]

    Relationships often strain and break because of what isn't being said, or because of what we don't even know how to say. So here we try to say it all. In late April 2020, we got into a very heated argument on Portmansheau podcast, seemingly over what would or wouldn't happen for the rest of the year with C0VlD and its fallout, and then we didn't speak for almost seven months. We argued on this show all the time, for fun and comedy, but this time was clearly different. Neither one of us understood exactly why until recently, and it turned out to be far more complex (and uncomfortable) than we thought. Recorded while driving around dawn on I-75 south ...

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  • 18 December

    [UN-IVERSITY] Scott Hambrick Follow-Up and Q&A

    Scott returns to expand on topics in episode #691 and to take questions from Un-iversity participants. Split into two parts (only this one will ask for a contribution). pills applied to politics communication, inviting curiosity, and creating pattern interruptions setting the frame for conversations and bringing your own script Aristotle's Politics - the 5 regime cycle customer service and "systemic shittiness" Planet Fitness's impact on society I identify as an Ignorist; is that sustainable?   School Sucks Project · Un-iversity - Scott Hambrick Followup and Q&A (1 of 2) Related Posts[UN-IVERSITY] Giving ThanksTags: un-iversity, sucks, school, project, a/v, premium, content, club, audio, joel[UN-IVERSITY] The World's Most Beautiful Productivity ConversationTags: school, sucks, project, un-iversity, a/v, premium, content, club, audio, joel

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Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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