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Latest Podcasts

February, 2020

  • 19 February

    The Honest Teacher Speaks (Part 2 of 2) [PODCAST #644]

    A long and long-overdue chat with the man behind the popular (15K followers) Facebook page, The Honest Teacher. The discussion is split into two parts, so make sure you saw part one! Today we discuss - how labels disable (continued) - writing IEPs and executive functioning issues - how Common Core cronyism connects to my conversations with Dave Smith and Pete Quinones from last week - remediation as it was discussed in the Outcome-Based Education revelations of Peg Luksik - where's it at now? - unprecedented teacher turnover: why it's happening and what it means for students - an expansion on why The Honest Teacher uses the phrase "Orwellian nightmare" - What is the mission and the future of The ...

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  • 17 February

    The Honest Teacher Speaks (Part 1 of 2) [PODCAST #643]

    A long and long-overdue chat with the man behind the popular (15K followers) Facebook page, The Honest Teacher. The discussion will be split into two parts, so check back Wednesday! Today we discuss where critical thinking actually exists in schools, why standards get lower and lower, color sticks (wait til you hear about these), the stress of real-time grade-awareness, the Orwellian world of student monitoring, and the politics of labeling students as defective. The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is now available. Visit to learn more about the presenters, topics, bonus materials and encore presentation. Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Thanks to your support. School Sucks is one of the longest running liberty-minded ...

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  • 14 February

    [preview] Why Study Utopias?

    Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. From In Pursuit of Utopia Episode 7: "New Harmony" with Danny McCarthy and Kevin Cole. Releasing on Sunday 2/16/16 on Patreon, A/V Club and SubscribeStar. This is a confronting, long and lively tangent from our discussion on the New Harmony utopia community from the early 1800s. The New Harmony story includes interesting and largely unknown roots of both compulsory schooling and socialism. Get the full episode: Support Us Danny's Work: Kevin's Work: The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is ...

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Supporter-Only Content

March, 2019

  • 29 March

    [BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s02e05) – Unschoolable

    It is revealed that Andrew is the exemplar of our brand new SSP slogan: "be unschoolable." Andrew dropped out of high school at the END of his senior year, after years of associating "learning" with boredom. At this same time he gained confidence and realized satisfaction in his problem solving skills with pursuits outside of school. Today we talk about his personal history - filled with discomforts, self-judgments and uncertainties - and how taught him important lessons about identifying opportunities, selling, not looking to others for validation or direction, and not following traditional paths.

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  • 21 March

    [BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s02e04) – Brett Goes back To College?

    A tough couple of weeks for the team - Andrew has a funk and Brett follows a story about two high-profile hip hop murders back to his wayward life in the late 1990s. An unexpected invitation also forces Brett to further revisit this regret-filled period of his life, so he asks Andrew if he should embrace the opportunity to face his past - up close and personal - or if he should just leave it behind.

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  • 4 March

    [BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s02e03) – Anticipating the Frog

    We're not eating enough frogs for breakfast and this can really ruin the day. We'll explain. We also discuss the lessons from a month of block scheduling and ways to improve the practice. Plus Brett's trip to the hospital, Andrew's bi-phasic sleep and a review of High Performance Habits.

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CORE TOPIC - Why does school suck?

John Taylor Gatto

CORE TOPIC - What does self-directed education look like?

Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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