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Latest Podcasts

November, 2020

  • 11 November

    Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up – With Wes Bertrand [PODCAST #685]

    (Integral Theory Part 5) Wes Bertrand is back for our continued exploration of Integral Theory and how to take human consciousness to the next level. We have covered integral theory principles applied to individuals, to organizations, and society and "governance." Opening Sequence: "Let the Healing Begin" Discussion: We'll move from the political back to the personal and social,reading and expanding on Dustin DiPerna's article Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up Music: "Orinoco Flow" (cover) Vienna Symphony Orchestra "Somewhere In America" Jay-Z "Run For the Roses" (cover) The Grass Is Dead "Don't Stop" Maiya Sykes Integral theory is largely focused on consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences. Ken Wilber and other integral theorists draw from over ...

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  • 2 November

    MYTH of the PANIC – With Nathan Fraser [PODCAST #684]

    (Emotional Manipulators For Hire, Episode 3) In 1938, a young thespian named Orson Welles exploited a new communications medium to scare the shit out of an entire country. Or...did his enemies simply exploit an old communications medium to make people think he did? It only gets more complicated from there, folks! Today: We discuss the 1938 radio adaption of War of the Worlds, and the lessons it offers to both manipulators and marketers. Friend, copywriter, marketer, and Facebook World Champion Nathan Fraser and I continue our (allegedly supporter-only) monthly conversation about marketing and media manipulation. You'll learn more about the tactics politicians and propagandists use against you, and how you can re-purpose such tactics for good. Music: "Callin' Out" Lyrics ...

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October, 2020

  • 27 October

    Landon Porter – Dude, It’s A Game [PODCAST #683]

    Landon Porter has taught me a lot over the last two years. He was the co-host (along with Nathan Fraser) of the superb Sales Gorilla Podcast. He is also the creator of a currently-launching personal advancement platform and community called Dude, It's A Game. Sales Gorilla focused on importance of relationship building in "doing sales without being salesy," while Dude, It's A Game aims to help us strengthen the most important relationship of all - the one we have with ourselves. In this introductory chat Landon shares his story, and we'll discuss the essential embrace of your weird ass self in both personal and professional pursuits. Then! ...we'll get into how and why Landon was influenced by Ken Wilber and ...

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Supporter-Only Content

July, 2020

  • 23 July

    [BONUS] Loops of Feedback – Circles of Argument – Spheres of Control

    AUTONOMY Mastermind 7-17-20, with Richard Grove and a dozen Autonomy students The conversation begins with me discussing my recent interview with Isaac on Crash and Praxis. An AUTONOMY graduate shares her experience in the professional world, primarily marketing, where highly schooled people have trouble dealing with feedback loops and adapting and evolving with new trends and information. This leads us into a criticism of higher education's failure to adapt, both operationally and ideologically. Then on to how many of common social issues circular arguments have infected general curriculum and the corporate world.  That leads to the discovery of this: This takes us to Kafka-Trapping, and the importance of naming and explaining deceptive tactics when people try to use them on ...

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  • 16 July

    [BONUS] Underneath Our Relationships…

    Un-iversity Weekly Discussion Group #2 (7-13-20) A new weekly conversation about applying the lessons and practices of The Ideas Into Action Summit to the chaos of the real world. Today's conversation is about inner work - attachment styles, ACES, the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem, and meditation. School Sucks Project · Un-iversity Weekly Discussion Group #2 (7-13-20)

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  • 8 July

    [BONUS] The Chinese Finger-Trap Fallacy (and Other Problems To Solve)

    A new weekly conversation about applying the lessons and practices of Ideas Into Action to the chaos of the real world. Today was supposed to be a more informal meet-and-greet, but then... One participant tells us that his job is mandating "implicit bias" training. Required reading? You guessed it. So we've now reached the point where your livelihood might be threatened if you don't tacitly accept some of the most divisive and sanctimonious social justice garbage from the fantasy land of academia. After all, if you argue against the illogical contents of this book you're simply proving the author's point. And you're racist. Aaaand you're fired. We'll discuss! School Sucks Project · Un-iversity Weekly Discussion Group #1 (7-6-20)

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Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

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