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Latest Podcasts

December, 2020

  • 21 December

    In My Awareness [PODCAST #692]

    (Exploring Integral Theory, Conclusion, With Wes Bertrand) Today Wes and I will discuss self-integration, and one of the most difficult polarities human beings have to reconcile, but sooner or later we all must do it. Also: - Dan Siegel's and Ken Wilber's insights on the power and practice of awareness - Manolis Kellis: Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything | Lex Fridman Podcast #142 - Human mind and the abstraction layers of reality - our burden of awareness of the whole stack of layers - becoming self aware - being bigger than pain - and much, much more Integral theory is largely focused on consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences. Ken Wilber and other integral theorists ...

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  • 14 December

    2020, The Year In Review – With Scott Hambrick [PODCAST #691]

    Scott Hambrick returns to infuriate probably about half the audience. I wanted Scott's "clear pill" take on our recent "black pill" discussion (in what was supposed to be an Un-iversity-only chat), but we quickly expanded beyond pill heuristics to a reflection on the year and the state of the world. We disagree in several places, as I try to insert optimism where I can, but I also acknowledge that the optimism needs to be focused in the right places. This leads to some examination and autopsy on the so-called liberty movement, politics, and past outreach attempts. We'll also get a running start with a whole history of the pills. * The red pill vs. the blue, a la The Matrix ...

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  • 10 December

    The Black Pill? [PODCAST #690]

    Wherein I attend a secret gathering and I am offered some pills. This is an important discussion about a new and rapidly spreading philosophy of hopelessness. It's something I feel needs to be acknowledged and integrated into our larger conversation. Is it actually the most realistic outlook available? And where most people might just see nihilism and despair, is there possibility for new or renewed personal empowerment? Recorded 12/5/20 on a phone (sorry, it was unplanned); featuring Cousin Nick, Cousin Michael, Cousin Milos, and Brett. The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is now available. Visit to learn more about the presenters, topics, bonus materials and encore presentation. Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Thanks ...

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Supporter-Only Content

September, 2020

  • 30 September

    [BONUS] Scott Hambrick – Balkanization and Culture Creation

    Scott Hambrick from Online Great Books joins our conversation. We talk about the economic concept of distributism, what's the difference between cults and cultures, the breakup of the United States, and why utopians are so dumb and dangerous. Part of the Un-iversity Weekly Discussion Group Series A new weekly conversation about applying the lessons and practices of The Ideas Into Action Summit   to the chaos of the real world. Friday "freestyle" conversations  invite  participants to vent about their current frustrations, usually   triggering Brett into long rants. School Sucks Project · Balkanization and Culture Creation

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  • 22 September

    [BONUS] Opportunity Knocks Down the Door

    AUTONOMY MASTERMIND 9-16-20 Is our current society adaptable or collapsible? If it's the former, how will it happen? If it's the latter, has it been designed that way? More importantly, how much should such questions even matter to an optimistic and autonomous individual? The group discusses New England real estate opportunities or lack thereof, and move on exploring negativity bias, managing uncertainty, finding "blue ocean" opportunities, and Nassim Taleb's concept of Antifragility. Huge thanks to Bobby for his contributions to this conversation. School Sucks Project · AUTONOMY Mastermind 9-16-20

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  • 11 September

    [BONUS] Our Post-Proof World – AUTONOMY Mastermind 9-2-20

    Richard Grove and I discuss the bridges to build between an increasingly frustrated and skeptical (but still reticent) public and the people who have worked for 2 decades to provide a more accurate map of politics, power and propaganda. Plus some exciting related announcements. School Sucks Project · AUTONOMY Mastermind 9-2-20 Related Posts[BONUS] AUTONOMY Mastermind - February 18th, 2020Tags: autonomy, richard, grove, bonus, mastermind, discuss, a/v[BONUS] An Unscheduled Q&A With Richard Grove and Brett VeinotteTags: autonomy, public, school, grove, richard, bonus, a/v[PODCAST] #517: Richard Grove - Making A MapTags: sucks, school, a/v, grove, richard, people, media, bonus, map, discussAfter School Sucks Special (2-14-13)Tags: a/v, school, sucks, media, mainstreamPre-Show 9-11-13Tags: a/v, grove, richard

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Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

The realization that school sucks actually marks the beginning of a new and exciting educational journey.

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