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Latest Podcasts

April, 2020

  • 27 April

    Harvard’s Homeschool Hypocrisy, With Corey DeAngelis, Part 1 of 2 [PODCAST #653]

    Corey DeAngelis is finally here! This week we'll be working to defend home education against the most facile and predictable of criticisms, coming from a still formidable opinion-shaping academic institution. It's Harvard Weak (week)! Harvard magazine publishes an incredibly weak assault on homeschooling. That piece points us to a scholarly article in the Arizona Law Review, which is mind-bending in its weakness and unchecked premises. And all of this is in anticipation of an upcoming anti-homeschooling summit at Harvard Law School. So we'll see how that goes! But I predict weak. Fortunately a very impressive group of self-directed education advocates - Cevin Soling, Corey DeAngelis, Kerry McDonald, Patrick Farenga, and Peter Gray - has organized a response; it's a virtual ...

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  • 24 April

    [preview] Revolting – 2 Clips

    Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. Today: Two clips. The first comes from a recent members-only discussion I did for Nathan Fraser's Free Market Squad on several topics, including whether or not we'll see parents revolt against the current schooling system once they have a closer look at what their children are doing every day. The second clip comes from this week's AUTONOMY Mastermind. We discuss the recent quarantine revolt and the revolting mainstream media counter-narrative that followed. Both are available to supporting listeners. Join us here: Patreon, A/V Club ...

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  • 20 April

    Critical Thinking Questions For An Increasingly Uncertain Future [PODCAST #652]

    Part Four of the Test Drive Your Future college and career guidance series. For our purposes here, can this new future still be test-driven? Jim and I inventory our evolving understanding and expanding concerns - political, personal, social, medical, professional, economic - and we explore how to plan accordingly for what might be next. Also Discussed: - Capitalizing on a Crisis, not just for politicians! How we can take advantage of this crisis to grow, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually - Reconnecting with your core beliefs, your spiritual operating system, the foundation upon which your beliefs are built - The value of death awareness Jim Hood is a father, entrepreneur, eventual autodidact, and a School Sucks listener. He and his wife ...

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Supporter-Only Content

November, 2019

  • 17 November

    [BONUS] In Pursuit of Utopia – Episode 5 – Committee of Public Safety

    A lot of what you're about to hear will sound oddly familiar... The French Revolutionaries began by addressing genuine grievances and demanding liberation from oppressive structures. They declared equal rights for all men, and even addressed women's rights more than any other political movement had. Slavery was outlawed. But... once the new regime took power and killed the king, the people's rights were suspended in the name of national security. Neighbors ratted on neighbors, and blood filled the streets. Thousands and thousands suspected of being traitors to the revolution were beheaded. The chaos that ensued eventually "settled" into the aggressive empire of Napoleon (who rolled back some of the original revolutionary reforms, such as the abolition of slavery). The starving ...

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  • 5 November

    [UN-IVERSITY] Moritz Bierling – Q&A – Building A Second Brain

    The first of many UN-IVERSITY post-event supplemental conversations. Moritz Bierling joins me to discuss digital productivity and Tiago Forte's method of "Building A Second Brain." We take questions from Discord participants and we'll cover productivity and motivation ebbs and flows, GTD, how Moritz uses Evernote, what it means to build a second brain (and a third and a fourth), using Evernote for reference and archiving, in-person networks, time management, and more. Referenced In the Discussion: Brett's Evernote Screenshot: Moritz's Evernote Screenshot: Learn more about the UN-IVERSITY Ideas Into Action Summit HERE Contact Moritz/Learn More About His Work HERE

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October, 2019

  • 30 October

    [BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s03e02) – The Wisest Path To Professional Freedom

    Alternate Title: Shit Just Got Real (Estate) Richard Grove joins TDZ for an urgent and important strategy session. Andrew has been on an exciting and promising path to more professional freedom and satisfaction in his work. He has talked in previous episodes about how his real estate ventures will eventually allow him the financial freedom he needs to leave his day job. This week, Andrew was presented with a job offer. While it promises a lot more money, what are the costs in time and flexibility? Andrew asks Brett for advice, even though they both know Brett's advice will not be taken. Brett also realizes he might not be the best person to give advice in this situation. And he ...

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Peter Gray - Self-Directed Education

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