Non-False Fabrication, With Nathan Fraser [PODCAST #717]


How Cherry-Picking Helped
Ruin Science, the Economy,
Race Relations, Higher Ed,
America, and the World
(BUT can you put it to work for you?!)

(Emotional Manipulators For Hire, Episode 9) Friend, copywriter, marketer, and Facebook World Champion Nathan Fraser and I continue our monthly conversation about marketing and media manipulation. You'll learn more about the tactics politicians and propagandists use against you, and how you can re-purpose such tactics for good.

Today: How a biologically inevitable mental shortcut called availability bias leads to (and enables) the destructive practices of cherry-picking and "non-false fabrication

We'll explore:
* how one or two missing puzzle pieces can completely distort the full picture. * by controlling what information is available, you have major influence over the conclusions people come to.

"INFOMERCIAL MUSIC CUE" Scott Douglas MacLachlan
"Children" Fabrication
"Cherry Picking" Potty Mouth

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