Lincoln, FDR and Obama – A Warning (Video)

(With Tom Woods, Author of the Politically Incorrect Guide To American History)

There's a lot of people today who haven't learned from history telling us about the importance of learning from history...

Last month we had the inauguration.
Four years ago at the first inauguration, the popular theme for the mainstream media was FDR and Great Depression.

As Obama's first term was coming to an end, the media and Hollywood, who provide talking points and set agendas, began encouraging the masses to make associations between Lincoln and Obama, or at least get people thinking about the "heroics" of Lincoln:
-Burton's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
-Spielberg's even more ridiculous film, based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals
-media starts using the term Civil War for the gun issue
-then Obama is sworn in on Lincoln's Bible
-then Obama's speech is compared to Lincoln's second inaugural address

Abraham Lincoln - both parties want to claim him because the lesson is that there is no abuse or overreach of presidential power that could not be justified for a greater good

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192: Tom Woods – Liberty Classroom

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