Just Added: Brett’s Wheels Off Liberty Archives (Part Two – 10 Shows)

Jamie, Brett and Tarrin at the Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2011.

In my opinion, this post includes some of my best work.
With Jamie Crane, Mike Maddux, Tarrin Lupo, Stephanie Murphy, Mandrik, and many celebrity guests

Wheels Off Liberty #85

Brett and Jamie talk about the weather before having a very special guest, Chris Matthews! They then discuss an article written by a jackass.

Wheels Off Liberty #86

Jamie and Brett have two guests, Stephanie Murphy and Mandrik. They discuss a bunch of nonsense before talking about Adam Kokesh's dancing civil disobedience. They then finish up the show by discussing some points on a dumb ass list.

Wheels Off Liberty #87

The guys have a very special guest on the podcast before they talk about the history of D-Day and about activists in Manchester getting arrested.

Wheels Off Liberty #88

Brett, Tarrin and Jamie talk about their experiences at Porcfest. They also mention that Mike will be joining them again on future episodes of Wheels Off Liberty.

Wheels Off Liberty #90

The guys talk about a bunch of nonsense before addressing the fan that died watching the Texas Rangers game and people loosing their minds demanding new laws for safety.

Wheels Off Liberty #91

The fellas review a few of the calls they received praising their new cleaner format then talk a bit about Ademo Voluntaryist Freeman and Pete Voluntaryist Eyre before rambling like idiots about the debt ceiling.

Wheels Off Liberty #92

The guys talk a bunch of non-sense before they discuss military donations to Ron Paul, a town in Arkansas that prohibits people from talking about government and some kids getting arrested by big bad cops in OKC.

Wheels Off Liberty #93

Jamie and Brett review Tarrin Lupo's children's book and then talk about the debt ceiling and the failed drug war.

Wheels Off Liberty #94

Brett and Jamie have a call from Marcus Bachmann. They then discuss drug testing for welfare and the media ignoring Ron Paul.

Wheels Off Liberty #95

The guys find a hidden recording of Mike's Little Book About Liberty and then they talk about the presidential debate. Jamie then decides to endorse snuff dipping for young children.

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