Integrating the Individual – With Wes Bertrand – Part 1 of ? [PODCAST #672]


...and everything else?

The most-requested guest of 2020 finally returns. Wes Bertrand is here for a long-form exploration of Integral Theory and how to take human consciousness to the next level.

We discuss:
- Wes's travels and current studies of organizational theory; learn more at
- given the current state of the world, is Wes still optimistic about people reaching a higher level of consciousness and realizing more individual liberty?
- what happens if 10% of people embraced new values? Ken Wilber claims that's the tipping point for the culture
- addressing the language barrier of liberty
- What is Integral Theory? What insights does this body of work offer about the current state of politics and culture
- Why Wake Up?

Wes encountered Ken Wilber's work through his research on organizational theory. Wilber draws from over 100 seperate schools of thought in the fields of consciousness, psychology, meditative traditions, philosophy and sociology.

Integral theory is largely focused on consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences.

In this series we'll explain the Integral approach to:

* Evolution and the 4 Quadrants of reality (discussed today)
* The Stages of Development (introduced today)
* The Lines of Development
* The States of Consciousness
* Types of Personality

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Breaking Free [PODCAST #168]
[PODCAST] #457: Define Self-Esteem (With Wes Bertrand and Dr. Michael Edelstein)

On Integral Theory:
What is Integral Theory?
The Good, the True, and the Beautiful

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  1. The game of life map and starting from the bottom up is a lot like a project I’ve been working on.
    An app that helps parents with their little people and with themselves!

    Great work as always guys!

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