God, Grant Me the Serenity… With Thaddeus Russell [PODCAST #558]


In our most challenging and uncomfortable conversation to date, Thaddeus Russell and I explore some things about my past that I've had trouble accepting and often wonder if I can still change. A lengthy list of topics follows: shame, moralizing, self-sacrifice, relationships as transactions, dishonesty, the war in our heads between the puritan and the hedonist, integrity and personal responsibility.

The Next Renegade University and School Sucks Project event is happening May 11-13 in the original renegade city of New Orleans. At the end of this podcast we'll discuss some of the details and the new features. For more information and to secure your spot, go to ThaddeusRussell.com/courses

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  1. Wtf, since when did Brett concede that there is no such thing as objective universal morality? Where was Molyneux’s mistake in UPB? Did Thad ever even read it — or does he still deliberately avoid counter-information? And why does Thad distance himself from the “libertarian” (and ancap?) label… what is he.. is he one of those “don’t label me man, words are for losers” types?

  2. Brett,
    Great podcast with Thad on alcohol abuse. It seemed Thad was struggling to understand your struggles today with your alcohol abuse of the past. I was wondering if my experience was similar to yours. After a quarter of century of abuse I had the revelation, while I was in a float tank, that using alcohol was an escape from my real self, and worse, it exposed my self hatred and that alcohol abuse was a way of annihilating the self I hated. Now after about 3-4 years of sobriety, I am left with grief for everything that I didn’t experience because I was numbed out and disassociated from the real me. I don’t know if I was projecting, but as I listened to you try to explain to Thad, I think I heard that grief coming through.

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