Full Video 185: The Red Pill Blues – Freed Minds and New Resentments

Topic: Stefan Molyneux and I discuss the anger and frustration that many people encounter after discovering the message of liberty.

Context: When people become aware of the philosophy of liberty, many will feel anger, betrayal and paranoia...
Is this why they often gravitate to politics first? Because it's such an appropriate outlet for those emotions? After another season of political hopefulness, reality sets in.

Discussion: What to do next?
-Political action vs. peaceful parenting
-Acknowledging and dealing with resentments
-Denormalizing parental treatment to be a better parent
-Anger as an opportunity
-"Real-Time" relationships

This show was recorded live on 1-5-12. School Sucks is live on UStream Saturdays at 6pm EST.

Look Closer:
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Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden
The Heart of Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Action

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  1. Excellent episode.
    “Anger can be extremely intimate.” and “Anger is not the opposite of love, it is a component of love.” -s.m.
    Intriguing. I will definitely be exploring this concept further.

    Favorite episode quote regarding reducing violence: “It’s all about peace with children. Everything else is just a distraction from that essential fact.” <3

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