Education Freedom Report 4-15-14: School News & Common Core Spotlight

Story 1:

A 15-year-old teen in Pennsylvania was convicted of disorderly conduct for videotaping fellow students who were allegedly bullying him.

The unidentified teen stated at his March 19th hearing that he made the recording because he felt like it wasn't me being heard. The boy was quoted as saying “I wanted some help. This wasn't just a one-time thing. This always happens every day in that class.”
When the school district found out about the recording they forced the boy to delete the evidence, punished him with detention and called the police. He was only charged with disorderly conduct after police decided the case did not warrant a felony wiretapping charge.
The teen’s mother, Shea Love, questioned why school officials decided to contact police to discuss a possible violation of wiretapping laws but refused to confront the students whose voices were allegedly captured on the iPad harassing her son.
The family has hired an attorney and is planning to seek recourse from the South Fayette School District.

Story 2:
After the tragic events that took place at Franklin Regional High School, regarding the recent stabbings that flooded mainstream new, students are still uneasy. Noah Rabe, a former student who graduated last year said and I quote “Every student I've talked to has had an unsure and frightened tone in their voice, even if we're not talking about the stabbings.”
Ryan Bailey, a student at Franklin said hopelessly "there is nothing that the district could do to make me feel safer."
Assistant Superintendent Mary Reljac stated there will be counselors available for students and staff, as well as "heightened supervision.”
Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Story 3:
Now we’ll turn to Laurette Lynn, our correspondent in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Common Core is weaving a thread throughout America; but with many frayed edges.
Not surprisingly a vast majority of school districts throughout the nation are adopting common core standardization. The school system is designed specifically to ensure that every child, regardless of who they are individually, receives exactly the same instruction according to their numerical grade which, for the sake of equality, is determined by whether their birthday falls before or after December of the school year - which is different than the actual year - not to be confused with the Jewish or fiscal year.
Some audacious representatives from rebel alliance school districts are showing vehement opposition to common core standardization, claiming that children, even though enrolled in an institution specifically designed for standardized assimilation, should learn according to their individual abilities and educational needs. Naturally, school chancellors are appalled by these claims and are diligently working to proceed with plans for total intellectual assimilation and assassination of the kind of outside the box thinking that promotes these rebellious ideas in the first place.
The argument over whether schooling should be done sort of the same or completely the same, has inadvertently sparked a quiet but significant exodus of families who have chosen to opt out, not only from common core, but from schooling altogether in favor of actual education. These families refer to themselves as homeschoolers - even though school is not actually part of their agenda.
Common Core is good for America. It illustrates the need to separate those who long for meaningful education from those who choose common standardization.
Until next-time, This is Laurette Lynn, with my thoughts and words, for Education Freedom Report

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