Education Freedom Report 05-13-14: Goddard Schools, Homeschool Fashion Designer

Story 1:
An April 30th report released by The California Department of Public Health revealed that 2,500 California Schools are located within 1/4 mile of where pesticides are being heavily used. This is alarming considering A 2010 Harvard study that demonstrated how pesticide exposure doubles a child’s risk for developing ADHD, these chemicals damage the nerve connections in the brain. A Public Health Institute study also found that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increase a child’s risk of autism sixfold.

Latino children are 91 percent more likely than white children to attend schools near fields where these chemicals are being heavily used. A concerned parent in Central Valley community of Plainview, CA, said when kids come out of their school sometimes the first thing they smell are pesticides. She’s urging local farmers to warn her child’s school before spraying.

Story 2:…ne-in-nordstrom

A home-schooled 13yr old started designing fashion at age 8, then began working with a mentor in the business for a few years, and now has a children's clothing line coming out this fall.

Story 3:
The Goddard School is an early learning facility for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Each Goddard School is a franchise, and so very closely regulated internally, with about 400 schools in the United States. Teachers must all be properly accredited through Goddard Systems University and take continuing education courses.

The Goddard School's proprietary F.L.E.X Program is based on research that shows children experience the most learning while having fun. Teachers strive to provide individualized, exciting learning environments for each child, while keeping in close communication with parents about achievement of developmental milestones.

The Goddard School's curriculum focuses on seven Learning Domains- Personal/Social Development, Mathematical Thinking, Science and Technology, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, Creative Expression, and Social Studies. Each school typically provides additional learning programs such as baby sign language, yoga, music, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Based on an education philosophy which nurtures the whole child, The Goddard School focuses on emotional, social, and physical development as well as standard education goals.

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