Education Freedom Report 04-29-14 – School Bullying Advice Creates Outrage, Student Outreach

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Story 1
In Minneapolis, 80 Established Black men met with 100 Black male students to mentor and encourage success in school through a program called 100 Strong Who Care.

Latanya Daniels, The Principal of Patrick Henry High School, hopes to encourage higher academic achievement and lower the number of suspensions and referrals to the principal's office. Daniels stated that she feels it’s important for the boys to be around influential men from their community.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the dropout rate for Black males in Minneapolis schools is 35% while the national average is 48%.

Chris Chatmon, the executive director of the Oakland, CA school district Black male achievement department is opening up a similar office in CA.

Chatmon stated (and I quote) “We have normalized failure of Black children. We have to change from normalizing failure to normalizing success.”

Minneapolis Public Schools Equity Director James Burroughs, gave a speech to the attendees saying that the young men have a destiny for success and that it is up to them to shape their future.

Story 2
A 17-year-old High School Student in San Antonio was caught on campus yesterday, with an AK-47, 2 handguns and a knife. The Student was taken to the principal's office when his parents notified the school that the weapons were missing from their house.

The student said that he planned to make demands over the loudspeaker that afternoon. He didn’t say specifically what his demands were, only that if they were not met, he planned on committing violence.

The school was put on lockdown until noon yesterday. Many parents are grateful that the weapons were found before anything happened but are still concerned for the safty of their children. Yvella Allen, a concerned parent asks “What are they going to do to protect the kids now?" captured an interviewed a fellow student who shared her unique perspective.

The young man is currently in custody.

Story 3

Bullying is once again making headlines after a school in Lincoln, Nebraska handed out fliers to students containing advice on how to deal with bullies. The list of 'rules' includes such suggestions as "Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you", "Do not verbally defend yourself", "If you get physically not get angry", and perhaps most disturbing, "Do not tell on bullies." Parents responded with outrage and the school has since issued an apology.

Story 4

On Monday, April 21st Institutionalized students in Oklahoma were struck with panic after being unable to complete their tests.
McGraw Hill testing organization was responsible for the computer glitch that halted the eager test subjects.
Teachers and School officials throughout the state are devastated by the impact this will have on the school system without this standardized measurement results for thousands of school inmates.
Children were both frustrated and anxious, as they now have no way of knowing whether or not they know anything.
Have they absorbed the proper amount of assimilation? Can they? Is there hope for their future?
We just don’t know.
So far, the school system is uncertain how it will recover from this catastrophic failure to standardize, but some are boldly suggesting going to the extreme of paper testing.
Many members of Oklahoma’s growing homeschool population spent the week trying to comfort the frightened families with stories of organic education without limitations. Some are speculating that children may defect and opt out of measurements in the future.
I’ll bring you more on this shocking turn of events as it unfolds.

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