[CHRISTMAS BONUS] #390: Dropping Out, Home Education, Pop-Culture & Role Models (Brett On Red Ice Radio)


This is hour two of my recent conversation with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio.

Our discussion includes my answers to the following questions:

-Your view on dropping out of school. (Plenty of successful people have dropped out of school vs. those who end up in life long debt to get an “education” that in some cases won’t get you anywhere. This would be particularly true in America, I guess). Good idea to drop out, as soon as possible?

- The issue of homeschooling (Your suggestions on how to successfully pull this off as a parent if you can’t afford hiring tutors. Do you have any tips? Also do you have any suggestions for those in countries where homeschooling is illegal, like in Sweden and Germany? Time to change these laws?)

-The threat of the Child “Protective” Services in America today. Plenty of cases where the CPS come and take away children and destroy families for mundane, strange and bizarre reasons. How much power does the CPS (and ultimately the state) hold over parents? What happens if you don’t conform to the “norm” when it comes to child rearing?

- Where will this end if we do not take control of education? In the long term, where will mankind end up? Considering that pop culture is pushing anti-intellectualism and dysgenics. Also, the entertainment media (Hollywood) is pushing a lot of destructive behavior on children and teenagers. It’s also difficult to isolate children from this environment. Do you have any suggestion in terms of how to take back control of culture (pop culture in particular) and begin to insert positive role models to children and teenagers?

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One comment

  1. Thought this interview went really well, Brett. Hope it pans out with some new listeners. With Henrik’s recent focus on white-identity-politics (my phrase) I wondered for a moment if, when you brought up National Socialism as a [negative] concrete result of the Prussian education sytstem, Henrik might challenge you on the ‘myth’ of the evils of the Third Reich.

    Maybe he’s just trying to raise controversy lately? I don’t know.

    Either way, I think your presentation and message is tightening up. I appreciate your avoidance in painting the ‘masses’ as ‘sheeple’ or representatives of ‘Idocracy’. Not to sound like a sociopath but, I think the empathy card has a lot more mileage behind it.

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