• Sam posted an update in the group Group logo of Live Show ViewersLive Show Viewers 8 years, 9 months ago

    I’m really confused as to when live shows will be happening.

    • Thursdays at 6pm EST from now on.

    • There was a lot of people waiting for a show on Saturday…. I will not be able to watch the live show for now, but I my wife said she might still watch it. I am trying to get hear to join the site.

      • I won’t be able to watch very often either. :/ We can always listen after the fact, though!

        • It is just not the same. If my hours do not change I will have to find a way to listen at work again. Calling in might be a bit of a problem still though.

          • It’s true, it’s more fun live. It’ll be less fun without you in the chat, though! Our schedule just changed so I think I should be to watch. I’ll just have a small child competing for my attention.

            • I now have some free time and may be able to watch the show once in a while, but it is still on at a bad time for me. I do miss chatting with you/everyone.