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    Equations of Liberty and Empathy – Extrapolations from an NVC Mandala

    Measurable Facts + Emotions = Intentions

    Emotions + Values = Connection

    Values + Actions = Choice

    Actions + Measurable Facts = Freedom

    Also, I thought of it this way….
    1. (I use) Measurable Facts + Emotions = (to create my) Intentions
    2. (I use) Emotions + Values = (to create my) Connection
    3. (I use) Values + Actions = (to create my) Choice
    4. (I use) Actions + Measurable Facts = (to create my) Freedom
    My own opinions on these:
    Number 2 essentially is the act of using knowledge and understanding of one’s own (and someone else’s) emotions and values to create connection, essentially the art and science of applying NVC tactics.
    Number 4 is essentially the application of functional rhetoric as an end point of applying the Trivium method.
    The emphasis is on seeing the value (intrinsically and extrinsically) of our own and other people’s intentions and choice (equations 1 and 3). It seems to me that seeing these aspects as valuable adds gracefulness to respecting our own and other people’s functional expressions of liberty.

    • This image is colorful, but it has a few problems. Please switch the places of Needs/Values with Feelings/Emotions (and vice versa). I don’t yet know how to simply paste photos in this forum, so I could not use the images of my choice, but I needed to drop a link instead. Not meaning to complain, but rather explain my reasons for posting an incorrect image.