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    NVC and Self-Defense

    I think that some NVC practitioners promote a strategy that is to “Never give in.” This is referring to the idea that it would be optimal to never compromise, but rather to consistently seek a win/win scenario, strategy or agreement that is voluntarily adhered to by all concerned individuals.

    Being consistent with intellectual processes, such as the Non-Agression Principle (NAP), respecting the property of individuals, and having and using an understandable method of critical thinking, logic and rationality, is very important.

    We can also be consistent with our empathetic processes, dishing out what we’d prefer to receive. We can choose to be 100% responsible (meaning the ability to respond) for all of our own emotions and knowledgeable of what is motivating those emotions (and this includes using the tactics of NVC).

    Perhaps we can build bridges between individuals, helping to cause greater mutual caring and higher levels of intellectual understanding. Perhaps we can prevent violence when everyone is on the same empathetic page, and eventually people can have higher philosophical exchanges, and can see intellectual reasons for promoting liberty, of themselves and others.

    If all of this fails, or when things “go too quickly”, we always have the opportunity to use NVC (quietly in our own heads) while applying whatever method or tool of self-defense we find ourselves suddenly using, hopefully using it to restore safety and security for all affected individuals.