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013 (Supplemental): Brett On The Peter Mac Show

My interview on The Peter Mac Show from October 10th, 2009. I've added a quick introduction about the discussion and my "performance." Note: Because of the length, I've uploaded the MP3 at a lower bit rate (64 kbps). Please let me know if this is intolerable. Peter's Bio: Peter is a former math professor turned entrepreneur. He swims, works outs regularly, and occasionally competes in U.S. Masters Swimming. His interest in freedom, government, and current events caused him to launch The Peter Mac Show in 2001, which ran for over five years. He is thrilled to be back on the air with The (new) Peter Mac Show. Website: To Stream His Show: Mentioned In Our Discussion: Complete Liberty ...

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009 (Supplemental): Brett On Freedomain Radio

My interview on Freedomain Radio from September 27th, 2009. I've added a quick introduction about the discussion and about my thoughts on Freedomain Radio. Freedomain Radio Interview: Brett Veinotte (You Tube) School Sucks Beginner's Guide to Freedomain: (For those who are unfamiliar, some suggestions...) If Episode 7.2, with Daniel Lakemacher, raised some questions about war: True News 10: Soldiers, War and Freedom... (This is the first Freedomain video I saw. I watched it about 10 months ago for the first time, and I've watched/listened at least a dozen times since then. Extremely powerful.) For the "disenfranchised conservative," who recently discovered's an introduction to consistency: True News 18: Obama's Inauguration - The Antidote For those looking for a new ...

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